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English, Film Studies Track (B.A.)

B.A., English,
Film Studies Track

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

What You’ll Do

As an English Studies major in the Film Studies Track, you'll learn the rich cultural and artistic history of the most influential art form of the 20th century.

You'll study the history, meaning, function, and aesthetics of films of all genres and countries of origin. You'll learn to recognize major developments in film; sharpen your analytical skills; and become familiar with the ways in which films communicate ideas about urgently significant themes, including race, gender, sexual orientation, and identity.

You'll immerse yourself in stirring, inspiring, provocative cinematic works of imagination, alongside knowledgeable and experienced faculty ready to share their expertise and hear what you have to say and in the company of classmates who share your interests.

You'll also gain knowledge of the newest developments in visual media, as film transforms into DVDs, streaming, omnimax productions, video games, blogs, social media, and a host of new possibilities.

What You’ll Become

Like all English Studies majors, you'll become an expert reader, writer, and critical thinker, equipped with the skills and knowledge to become an active and capable member of the global community and an effective contributor to the multicultural workplace, no matter what profession you choose.

Through the Film Studies Track, you'll learn to understand film art and make your knowledge useful in the present. Through course work, film series, special events such as visiting filmmakers, blogging, and internships, you'll acquire a film language that can help your career in teaching, writing, journalism, web site creation, and any field where understanding culture and the techniques of visual media is key.

Today, every business is in the movie business. In the Film Studies track, our business is film.

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Special Features

  • Sigma Tau Delta is the international English Honors Society.
  • Oxford Study Abroad allows students to travel to England and earn college credits.
  • The English Book Club meets to discuss a text all members have chosen (recent texts include Max Brooks’ World War Z and Alan Moore’s Watchmen).
  • New Growth Arts Review is the student-edited publication of short stories, poems, photographs, and art work.
  • The English Undergraduate Conference is held each spring showcasing student presentations in literary and film criticism and creative writing. Students also present regularly at state-wide conferences.
  • Students in the Film Studies Track may be interested in an IUP-specific blog:
  • Students in the Film Studies Track may be interested in adding a minor in Communications/Media, History, Women’s Studies, Pan-African Studies, Asian Studies, or Latin American Studies.