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Mathematics Education (B.S.Ed.)

B.S.Ed., Mathematics Education

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

What You'll Do

Analytical thinkers know where to look to find the answers they need. Even when solving a problem takes many steps, they follow through until they reach the solution. As a Mathematics Education major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll take courses that will expand your mastery of mathematics as well as those that prepare you for a career as a teacher. Your class schedule will include a range of instruction, from Probability and Statistics for Natural Sciences to School Law. You will grow in your knowledge of mathematics, and you will gain experience as an educator through IUP’s extensive student teaching programs.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania has earned a reputation for excellence in teacher education. The university’s professors see mathematics as the language of science and share your appreciation for its diverse application in our lives.

What You'll Become

The Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a major in Mathematics Education will fully prepare you for a career as a mathematics teacher for grades 7-12. The College Board predicts that 44 percent of current teachers in Pennsylvania will be eligible to retire in the next six years. The state is expecting an increase of more than four million elementary and secondary students during this time.

It is logical to consider your options. Many of those who complete this degree continue their education at the graduate level or work in government or industry. Some areas seeking those with mathematical expertise are financial forecasting, space systems, transportation, cryptology, construction, computer graphics, medicine, robotics, economics, statistical analysis, and management science.

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Special Features

  • Study abroad options include: the Math in Moscow program, Independent University of Moscow; Science Summer School, Cambridge, England; and Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, Technical University, Hungary.
  • Additional opportunities for mathematics students have included the Center for Statistics Education in Pennsylvania at IUP and the Software Development Center.
  • Scholarships and honors programs are available.
  • Among IUP’s range of special projects have been the Numerical Methods for Supercomputers Course Project and the Annual High School Mathematics Competition.
  • Graduate mathematics degrees include the Master of Science in Applied Mathematics, Master of Education in Mathematics, and the Master of Education in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Education.
  • IUP mathematics undergraduate and graduate students have completed internships at such places as Lockheed Martin, the National Agricultural Statistics Service, and the Naval Surface Warfare Center.