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Looking toward Summer in China

Picture of Chinese flag

April 16, 2009

Five of us are going to China for four weeks—Dr. Allard [Anthropology professor Francis Allard] is going to be “the dad.”

We’re all doing different things. Meredith, Jeremy, and Sarah are conducting social science projects. They’ll be observing tourism, film, and religious behavioral differences between the Chinese and Americans.

I’m the only Archaeology student going. There’s a group of Chinese archaeologists who are trying to figure out if they can do an excavation next year, and, if so, where it can be. The region, in China’s Fujian Province, is so mountainous. It’s really not your ideal site for an excavation. My job will be to help them figure out where they can do it and how. It’s an internship, but it’s also amazing.

I probably won’t be using any equipment. Dr. Bev is taking the GPR to Cyprus over the summer for her research, and I’m not sure how it would react with the terrain anyway. I’ll probably just be walking around, looking around, and throwing out different ideas.

Knowing where to dig may be a challenge because my experience is with American archaeology. But you use what you know. Native Americans would choose a site based on water, food, and tool resources. If you’re in proximity to all those things, you’re probably going to want to set up camp there. I would think it would be similar in China. People need food and drink.

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