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Mathematics, Applied Track (B.S.)

B.S., Mathematics,
Applied Track

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

What You'll Do

Mathematics is the language of scientists, bankers, engineers, insurance executives, economists, computer systems analysts, and businessmen. As an Applied Mathematics major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll become fluent in this “language” through IUP’s comprehensive selection of courses.

Under the guidance of IUP’s Mathematics faculty, you’ll take classes such as Calculus II, Probability and Statistics for Natural Sciences, Differential Equations, and Introduction to Mathematical Proofs. As part of your major, you’ll also choose from a list of mathematics courses and will take a few classes in computer science.

You can further structure your classes to meet your objectives by taking one of three specialized tracks: Actuarial/Statistics, Math Analyst/Engineering, or Operations Research. You can count on IUP’s Applied Mathematics program to broaden your mathematical expertise and to put you on the path to success in this field.

What You'll Become

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics degree will prepare you for a career in financial forecasting, space systems, transportation, cryptography, construction, computer graphics, medicine, robotics, economics, statistical analysis, government, industry, or management science.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the field of biostatistics should see job growth, primarily in the field of pharmaceutical research and clinical trials. The report, which looks at the decade 2006-2016, also notes that the insurance industry—the largest employer of actuaries—is expected to see stable job growth. Other industries, such as health care and consulting agencies, may see larger growth in mathematics employment figures, according to the report.

It is logical to consider your options. Many of those who complete this degree follow it with graduate studies, typically in Applied Mathematics.

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Special Features

  • Study abroad options include: the Math in Moscow program, Independent University of Moscow; Science Summer School, Cambridge, England; and Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, Technical University, Hungary.
  • Additional facilities for Mathematics students have been the Center for Statistics Education in Pennsylvania at IUP and the Software Development Center.
  • Scholarships are available.
  • IUP Mathematics undergraduate and graduate students have completed internships at places such as Lockheed Martin, National Agricultural Statistics Service, and Naval Surface Warfare Center.
  • Among special projects in mathematics at IUP have been the Numerical Methods for Supercomputers Course Project and IUP’s Annual High School Mathematics Competition.
  • IUP graduate mathematics degrees include Master of Science in Applied Mathematics, Master of Education in Mathematics, and Master of Education in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Education.