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Economics, Pre-Law Track (B.A.)

B.A., Economics,
Pre-Law Track

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

What You’ll Do

Lawyers analyze facts, research similar cases and results from the past, and identify elements that can be influenced to achieve a successful outcome. Economists must exercise these same intellectual muscles when they make economic predictions and advise leaders of business and government. As an Economics major taking the Pre-Law track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll receive a comprehensive education that will prepare you for law school or a career in economics.

At IUP, you’ll take a wide range of classes covering many aspects of economics. The courses in the Pre-Law track provide the academic preparation demanded by law schools and help you develop the skills and knowledge you’ll need for the law school admissions examination. With planning, the free electives in this major can provide space in your schedule for a minor or an internship.

What You’ll Become

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in the Pre-Law track will prepare you for law school or a career in economic analysis for the media, government, financial markets, special interest groups, or industry. Economics graduates have also pursued jobs in management, finance, labor relations, and banking. According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics covering the 2006-2016 decade, 52 percent of economists were employed in government jobs in various agencies.

Although the job market for lawyers is highly competitive, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that salaried jobs can be found in government, corporations, utility companies, real estate agencies, banks, or nonprofit organizations. The report also notes that slightly more than one quarter of lawyers in a recent labor study were self-employed in law firms, practicing either as partners or alone.


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Special Features

  • Students have opportunities to present their research at a variety of conferences, including on-campus mini-conferences and regional and national undergraduate and professional conferences.
  • Students can join the IUP Economics Club or Omicron Delta Epsilon, an international honor society in Economics that recognizes the scholastic achievements of undergraduates.
  • Scholarships and an honors program are offered.
  • IUP economics students have completed internships at places such as Indiana Hospital, First Commonwealth Trust Co., S&T Bank, Washington Wildthings, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, General Electric, and the Foundation for Sustainable Development.
  • International exchange programs, such as an English-speaking one with the University of Macau in China and one at the University of the West of England, offer IUP students the chance to take economics courses in other countries.