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Testing Out of Hospitality Mathematics

If you have a strong aptitude for mathematics and meet the requirements below, you may qualify to receive a course exemption for Hospitality Mathematics by passing the Hospitality Math Test-Out Exam. 

Hospitality Mathematics is the culinary math course that you will take in your first semester at IUP. The curriculum in this course emphasizes weights and standards of measurements, the use of kitchen calculators, and review of the basic mathematics computations that are applicable to the food service industry.

Please note: We recommend that you consider taking Hospitality Mathematics even if you meet the eligibility requirements for the test-out exam.

As both a student and a professional culinarian, you will be using the concepts taught in this class every day in the kitchen.

Prerequisites for Hospitality Math Test-Out Exam Registration

  1. Minimum of a 3.0 in all high school math classes.
  2. Successfully complete our Practice Math Test.
  3. Knowledge of and proficiency with the following concepts: Measurements and conversions, recipe conversions, unit and recipe costing, yield tests, inventory and food cost percentages, controlling food costs, and menu pricing.

If you meet all of the requirements and wish to apply for a course exemption for Hospitality Mathematics, register for the Math Test-Out Exam.

Taking the Hospitality Math Test-Out Exam

  1. Registration prior to the day of Culinary Orientation is required. Register for the Math Test-Out Exam online, or contact Culinary Admissions.
  2. The exam will be administered at Culinary Orientation, following the conclusion of program activities.
  3. You must submit your completed Practice Math Test at Culinary Orientation.
  4. Bring a calculator.