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Bryan Putt '86

Bryan Putt '86 Bryan Putt didn’t plan on attending IUP, but it turned out to be a good choice.

“Originally, I wanted to be a pilot/navigator in the Air Force and was working on an appointment to the Air Force Academy or an Air Force ROTC scholarship,” Mr. Putt said. “I was planning on pursuing aeronautical engineering.”

When he took his physical, though, his eyesight was just out of range to be considered for a pilot-training program.

“With that,” Mr. Putt said, “my interest in the Air Force and the whole aeronautical engineering thing went up in smoke—I felt just a bit jilted!”

Since he liked computers and knew that IUP had good programs in Computer Science and Management Information Systems, in addition to the fact that he had family in Indiana, Mr. Putt thought that IUP was a good “rebound” choice. He started in Computer Science and then switched to MIS, since it was more business focused, and received a bachelor’s degree in 1986.

“IUP did a great job of preparing me for my first couple of years in the IT world,” he said.

He joined American Management Systems in Arlington, Virginia, after graduation, doing consulting work with the company for the federal government. After a year, he joined the Oracle Corporation Federal Consulting Group in Bethesda, Maryland.

“I was working next to people with degrees from MIT, Harvard, etc.,” Mr. Putt said, “and never felt as though I was outgunned or underprepared for my career.”

Mr. Putt’s father had started American International, an international household goods moving company in Pittsburgh in 1981. In 1989, Mr. Putt received a call asking if he was interested in coming back to Pittsburgh to build the IT systems for the company.

“Since it was a family business, I wanted to help out,” he said, “and with my IT experience, I was bringing knowledge and value to the organization that no one else had.”

Although he thought he would be involved with the company for only a few years before venturing back into the IT world to start his own consulting business, changes in the company created an opportunity for him to become involved in sales.

“It made sense to take that role on and get experience selling,” he said. “If you start your own business, you need to sell, so I figured, ‘Why not start here?’” That decision ultimately led to a long-term commitment to the business and management of the organization.

After taking on the role of president in 1998, Mr. Putt, along with his team, transformed the company into a full-service global relocation company and rebranded it as American International Relocation Solutions (AIReS), as it is known today. Mr. Putt became CEO of AIReS last year.

“The most valuable lessons I’ve learned through my career have been in relationship to people aspects of a business, team building, and developing a corporate culture focused on an uncompromising focus on the customer,” he said. “Understanding different personality styles and the emotional side of business is critical to getting people bought into and committed to a shared vision of where the organization needs to be. Sometimes all the logic and analytics in the world simply don’t address the concerns and needs of customers, staff, and colleagues.”

AIReS is dedicated to taking the leadership role to set continually improving standards for the relocation industry. The company’s focus is to deliver a profitable service, maximizing human, technological, and environmentally friendly resources to effect innovative change that exceeds customer expectations.

The company provides a full suite of global and domestic relocation services, including assignment management; real estate services; household moving; compensation and expense management; settling-in services; assistance with passports, visas, and immigration; cultural and language training; and repatriation assistance when the clients return to the United States.

“In every step of my career, the knowledge I gained at IUP has been a benefit,” Mr. Putt said.

The son of James Putt and Carole Putt, he lives in Venetia with his wife, Sally, daughter Heather, 19, and son Andrew, 14.

Profile published on 6/11/13  

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