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2013 Undergraduate Scholars Forum Award Winners

  • Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    Dean’s Award for Excellence

    • Chioma C. Umunnakwe
      “Ethiopia's Underdevelopment: Rising Beyond Missed Opportunities”

    Business Case Competition First Place Award

    • Sara Fossett, Sarah DuFresne, Nicholas Distefano, and Nicholas Magas
      “Google’s Strategy in 2010”

    Business Case Competition Second Place Award 

    • Jessica Black and Kathryn Boretky
      “Case Study on Google”

    College of Education and Educational Technology

    Dean’s Award for Excellence

    • Mary Cristello
      “Bilingualism and Its Impact on Education”

    Outstanding Presentation Award

    • Amy E. Paine
      “Are All Women Emotional: A Portrayal of Women in Reality TV”

    College of Fine Arts

    Dean’s Award for Excellence

    • Nicole A Reinaker
      “Tracing Gothic Architectural Developments: An Iconographic Exploration of Chartres Cathedral's South Transept”

    Best Poster Award

    • Lindsey Grove
      “Dance it, Move it, Learn It: Creating an Interdisciplinary Classroom”

    Best Performance Award

    • Brent Roberts
      “Exploring music of the Marimba/Vibraphone Duo”

    Outstanding Performance Award

    • Dakota J Kaylor
      “The Method to Performing in the Style of Jazz Vibraphone”

    Outstanding Presentation Awards

    • Chelsea K. Long
    • J. M. Wasko
      “Civil War! Dissolution of the Self in Researching the War of the Rebellion in Contemporary Art”

    Juried Art Exhibit Awards

    Best in Show: Ben Pyles, “Planet Ruckus”

    • Dean's Award: Nicole Gencarelli, “Howl”
    • 2-D Award for Excellence: Lim, “Who Sucks?”
    • 3-D Award for Excellence: Britni Rajter, “By-Product”
    • Honorable Mention 1: Chelsea McDonnell, “Germination”
    • Honorable Mention 2: Kathryn Garnier, “Pendant”
    • Honorable Mention 3: Chelsea Long, “Fig.9 The Drunkenness of Noah”

    College of Health and Human Services

    Dean’s Award for Excellence

    • Christina J. Sponsky
      “Perceptions vs. Misconceptions: What are the Indiana University of Pennsylvania students' perceptions and beliefs regarding dietary supplements safety, efficacy, and regulation policies?”

    Best Poster Award

    • Cody Krynock and Franklinn Alexander|
      “Slapshot Speeds and the Variables that Affect Them”

    College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Dean’s Award for Excellence

    • Aaron K. Shaffer
      “The Urban Drainage Problem: Effects of New Development and Redevelopment on Local Hydrology”

    Best Poster Award

    • Michele Troutman
      “Lithic Analysis: The raw Materials Present in the Lithic Artifacts of the Johnston Site (36ln2)”

    Outstanding Presentation Awards

    • Ashley Alt and Daniel Oberkofler
      “The Effects of Power, Prestige and Performance on Salary in the National Hockey League”

    Nicholas R Fazio

    • “Crime and Coffee: The Correlation between Gentrification and Crime Rates in Pittsburgh, 1991 to 2011”

    Gabrielle R. Lehigh

    • “Cultural Study of the Homer City Power Plant”

    Wenjing Yun

    • “The Determinants of China's Economic Development”

    College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

    Dean’s Award for Excellence

    • Sarah Bedwell
      “Effects of Trauma Exposure on Personality Variables, Self-esteem, Coping, and Psychological Outcomes”

    Best Poster Award (three-way tie)

    • Samantha Eichelberger
      “Analysis of the zebrafish lhx1a Gene, a Transcription Factor Important for Kidney Development and Regeneration”
    • Kellie Kerner
      “Sedimentological Analysis of the Black River Bay”
    • William Watkins
      “Small-Scale Folding Related to Detachment Tectonics - Northern Snake Range, NV”

    Outstanding Presentation Award

    • Wendy Leuenberger
      “A comparison of Lepidoptera communities inhabiting restored and degraded pitch pine-scrub oak barrens in Pennsylvania”

    ECO Award Winners

    • Kelly, Muthler, Chloe Stevens, Bryana Urban, Sean Herald, Gabrielle Lehigh, Kathryn Edmondson, Katherine Fox
      “Sustainable Indiana”

    Sigma Xi and S-COAM Award Winners

    Sigma Xi Award for Best Science Poster, First Place

    • Samantha Eichelberger
      “Analysis of the zebrafish 1hx1a Gene, a Transcription Factor Important for Kidney Development and Regeneration”

    Sigma Xi Award for Best Science Poster, Second Place

    • Daniel O'Hara
      “Bootstraps and Planar Regression: An Algorithm to Identify Possible Faults Using Background Seismicity”

    Sigma Xi Award for Best Science Poster, Third Place

    • Joy Kiefer
      “Species Diversity of the triolobite Genus Paraplethopeltis in the Manitou Formation of Colorado and El Paso Group of New Mexico”

    S-Coam Best Computational Science Poster

    • Teresa Dierks
      “Resonance-Assisted Hydrogen Bonding (RAHB) in Carboxyphosphate”

    Best Bibliography Award Winners

    First Place

    • Camille Kaszubowski

    Second Place

    • Barbara Yockey

    Third Place

    • Carrie Aitkins