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2008 Forum Data

  • Summary Notes

    Undergraduate Scholars Forum

    April 1, 2008

    The Third Annual Undergraduate Scholars Forum took place on April 1, 2008. The HUB provided six rooms (one of which was subdivided) for paper presentations, a business case competition, and a poster session. The College of Fine Arts also provided space in Cogswell Hall for performance presentations. Dinner was served for 140 people the night before the event and took place in the Blue Room. The McNair Scholars Program cohosted a guest speaker during the dinner. Smart carts, easels, tables, media resources, computers, projectors, projection screens, and other materials were provided for students to carry out their presentations. Refreshments were provided throughout the event. Registration took place throughout the day.

    In addition, the College of Fine Arts collaborated with the Undergraduate Scholars Forum by holding their Student Juried Exhibition on April 1. Forty-two works from undergraduate students were presented in Kipp Gallery in Sprowls Hall. The Eberly College of Business and Information Technology also collaborated with the Undergraduate Scholars Forum by holding a Business Case Competition as a session in the forum. Listed below are some additional data compiled about the forum and art exhibition.

    • Number of Individuals on Planning Committee

    Total: 23

    Natural Sciences and Mathematics — Ed Donley, Steve Hovan, Dan Sadler

    Humanities and Social Sciences — Janet Goebel, Jim Jozefowicz, Beth Mabry, Calvin Masilela

    Health and Human Services — Teresa Shellenbarger

    Education — Kelli Jo Kerry Moran, Becky Knickelbein, James Lenze, Kelli Paquette

    Fine Arts — Alison Pate

    Business — Joette Wisnieski

    Research Institute — Christian Hess

    University Libraries — Chris Clouser, Portia Diaz

    School of Graduate Studies and Research — John Eck, Michele Schwietz, Ben West, Tressa Wright

    Institutional Advancement — Michelle Fryling

    McNair Scholars Program — Hilary Staples

    • Budget

    Total Revenue- $8,167.80 

    Revenue Sources: $3,500 Graduate School; $4,500 President;

    $167.80 Rollover from 06-07

    Supplies and Materials: $929.27

    Printing: $1,901.10

    Speaker Expenses: $800

    Advertising: $658.05

    Food Supplies: $2,115.75

    Ending Balance: $1,763.63

    *Cost of dinner was covered with additional funds from the president and provost.

    *The IUP-RI also contributed $1,000 in door prizes for the awards reception.

    • Number of Student Presenters

    Total: 213 (176 in HUB; 3 in Cogswell Hall, 34 in Sprowls/Kipp Gallery)

    • Number of Faculty Advisors

    Total: 71+ College of Fine Arts advisors

    • Number of Presentations in the HUB and Cogswell Hall

    Total: 115

    Posters —  Total: 48 (1—Education and Educational Technology, 10—Health and Human Services, 10—Humanities and Social Sciences, 22—Natural Sciences and Mathematics, 1—Fine Arts, 1—Business, 3—Various)

    Papers —  Total: 61 (21—Humanities and Social Sciences, 15—Fine Arts, 3—Education and Educational Technology, 7—Health and Human Services, 13—Natural Sciences and Mathematics, 1—Business, 1—Various)

    Performances —  Total: 3 (3—Music)

    Business Case CompetitionTotal: 3 (3—Business)

    • Number of Presentations in the HUB and Cogswell Hall by Department

    Total: 115

    Communications Media — 2

    Music — 6

    Mathematics — 1

    Biology — 8

    Various — 7

    Biochemistry — 5

    Art — 10

    Professional Studies in Education — 1

    Nursing and Allied Health — 1

    Health and Physical Education — 1

    Physics — 1

    Psychology — 5

    Sociology — 11

    Geography and Regional Planning — 4

    History — 5

    Anthropology — 3

    Criminology — 12

    Chemistry — 12

    Economics — 2

    English — 4

    Geoscience — 1

    Political Science — 2

    Special Education — 1

    Computer Science — 1

    Finance and Legal Studies — 1

    Theater and Dance — 3

    Food and Nutrition — 3

    Management — 1

    Natural Sciences — 1

    • 20 Sessions in the HUB; 1 Session in Cogswell Hall

    Session A Titles/Subjects (5) 


    1. How We Learn—Chair: Becky Knickelbein
    2. Economics and Social Analysis—Chair: Yaya Sissoko
    3. Gender and Society—Chair: Daniel Burkett
    4. Music—Chair: Michele Schwietz


    5. Business Case Competiton—Chair: Joette Wisnieski

    Session B Titles/Subjects (4)


    • Caring for Our Children—Chair: Teresa Shellenbarger
    • Physical Sciences—Chair: Nathan McElroy
    • Underrepresented Groups and Social Change—Chair: Michelle Fryling
    • Understanding Self Through Art—Chair: James Lenze

    Session C Titles/Subjects (6)


    • Human Health—Chair: Portia Diaz


    • Mathematical Visualization—Chair: Ed Donley
    • Gender and Sexuality—Chair: Daniel Burkett


    • Art Challenging Society—Chair: Susan Palmisano


    • Theater—Chair: Kelli Jo Kerry Moran


    • Understanding Life—Chair: Carl Luciano

    Session D Titles/Subjects (6)


    • History—Chair: Joseph Mannard


    • Religion and Society—Chair: Ed Donley
    • Public Policy—Chair: James Jozefowicz
    • Art Analysis—Chair: Michelle Fryling
    • Crime and Punishment—Chair: Daniel Sadler

    3:20–4:20 (Cogswell Hall)

    • Music Performance—Chair: Kelli Paquette

    An awards ceremony was held in Sprowls Hall following the last session of the day and in conjunction with the Undergraduate Juried Art Exhibit. Awards were presented by Dr. Atwater and Dr. Steve Hovan, the University Professor. The IUP-RI donated three iPods and ten $25 gift certificates for iTunes. Following are the list of awards:

    • Conference Papers (Best in Session Awards $20 Co-Op gift cards)

    Session A01

    Science Where Students Develop Their Own Labs: A Model of Inquiry  

    (Dept: Biology)

    Students: Thomas Melvin and Angelo Manifest

    Faculty Advisor: Thomas Lord

    Session A02

    The Practiced and the Preached: An Analysis of State Divorce Rates and Religious Participation

    (Dept: Economics)

    Student: Lauren Venturino

    Faculty Advisor: James Jozefowicz

    Session A03

    Gender Differences in Preference for Community Pull Factors  

    (Dept: Sociology)

    Student (s): Lindy Kopicki

    Faculty Advisor: Beth Mabry

    Session A04

    The Evolution of the Marching Arts  

    (Dept: Music)

    Student: Jeremy DeLuca

    Faculty Advisor: Michael Kingan

    Session B01

    Local Determinants of Malnutrition in Bolivian Children

    (Dept: Food and Nutrition)

    Student: Janelle Porter

    Faculty Advisor: Rita Johnson

    Session B02

    A Crystallographic Detective Story: Solving the Li2ZnSnS4 Structure

    (Dept: Chemistry)

    Student: Beth Leverett

    Faculty Advisor: Charles Lake

    Session B03

    Seeking Social Change: The Role of African-American Churches During the Civil Rights Movement  (Dept: History)

    Student: Raymond Elliott

    Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Marcus

    Session B04

    Disability Awareness and Documentation Through Art

    (Dept: Art)

    Student: Sonya Seitz

    Faculty Advisor: Patricia Villalobos-Echeverria

    Session C01

    Physical Activity and Depression/Anxiety Levels

    (Dept: Health and Physical Education)

    Student: Julianne Gillespie

    Faculty Advisors: Madeline Paternostro-Bayles and Robert Alman

    Session C02

    Measuring Digital Image Similarity Using a New Histogram-Based Approach

    (Dept: Computer Science)

    Student: Sean Olson

    Faculty Advisor: Waleed Farag

    Session C03

    Buzz Cuts and Poly-Blends: How Lesbian Self-Concepts are Affected by Lesbians in the Media

    (Dept: Sociology)

    Student: Loni Yatsko

    Faculty Advisor: Beth Mabry

    Session C04

    Evolutionary Understanding

    (Dept: Art)

    Student: Aaron Treher

    Faculty Advisor: Patricia Villalobos-Echeverria

    Session C05

    Dramatizing Interview Material: Strategies of Documentary Drama

    (Dept: Theater and Dance)

    Student: Natalia Kaniasty

    Faculty Advisor: Ricahrd Kemp

    Session C06

    Who’s the Boss: Female Competition, Conflict, and Alliances During Transfer of Western Lowland Gorilla Females

    (Dept: Anthropology)

    Student: Alicia Rich

    Faculty Advisor: Miriam Chaiken

    Session D01

     Buying History: A Historical Analysis of Museum Funding 

    (Dept: History)

    Student(s): Laura Heiman

    Faculty Advisor: Kevin Britz

    Session D02

     Hues of Heresy: A Contextual Analysis of the Galileo Affairs 

    (Dept: History)

    Student: Mara Iverson

    Faculty Advisor: Robert Moore

    Session D03

     Private Military Companies: A Question of Integration 

    (Dept: Political Science)

    Student: Charles Stanavich

    Faculty Advisor: Susan Martin

    Session D04

     The Critique 

    (Dept: Art)

    Student: Courtney Cullen

    Faculty Advisor: Patricia Villalobos-Echeverria

    Session D05

     Juvenile Justice: A Review of Juvenile Transfer 

    (Dept: Criminology)

    Student: Mandy Moser

    Faculty Advisor: Alida Merlo

    • Conference Posters ($100 from ARAMARK per College)

    College of Education and Communications 

    School Counseling Needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    (Dept: Special Education and Clinical Services)

    Student: Stefanie Fitzpatrick

    Faculty Advisor: Becky Knickelbein

    College of Health and Human Services

    Community Re-entry after Imprisonment

    (Dept: Criminology)

    Students: Ginger Lucas, Kevin Martincic, and Robert Ritenour

    Faculty Advisor: Rosemary Gido

    College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

    Roles of p53 and BCL-2 as Localized Prostrate Cancer Indicators, using Immunohistochemical Analysis

    (Dept: Biology)

    Student: Kenneth Glassford

    Faculty Advisor: Seema Bharathan

    College of Humanities and Social Sciences

     I Can Do Anything You Can Do Better: Gender and Perceptions of Leadership Effectiveness 

    (Dept: Sociology)

    Student: Kasie Pletcher

    Faculty Advisor: Beth Mabry

    College of Fine Arts

     “The Beauty Queen of Leenane”: Unearthing a Culture, Cultivating a Story 

    (Dept: Theater and Dance)

    Student: Jessica Sabol

    Faculty Advisor: Jason Chimonides

    Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    The Economic Effects of Mardi Gras on New Orleans Business Structure

    (Dept: Management)

    Students: Mallory Blaniar, Anthony Almond, and Paul Valsdiaserri

    Faculty Advisor: Lorraine Wilson


    Making a Great City Better

    (Dept: Various)

    Students: Robert Roche, Pierino Delli Bovi, Craig Petersen, and Hansen Wijaya

    Faculty Advisor: Lorraine Wilson

    • Conference Performances Awards (Best in Session $20 Co-Op gift card)

     Session D06

    Ilijas: Odd Meters and Odd Techniques

    (Dept: Music)

    Student: Michael Dooley

    Faculty Advisor: Michael Kingan

    • University Libraries Award for the Best Bibliography ($100)

    First Place, Best Overall Sources

    A Study Examining the Role of Social Class, Gender, and Religion in African-American Attitudes Toward Homosexuality (Dept: Sociology)
    Student: Sasha King
    Faculty Advisor: Robert Heasley

    First Runner Up, Best Scientific Sources

    Constraints on Pull-Apart Basin Formation from Tectonic

    (Dept: Geoscience)

    Student: Kalin McDannell

    Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Lewis

    First Runner Up, Best History Sources

    Kiss and Tell: Kissing and the Creation of the Modern Woman in 1930’s Shanghai

    (Dept: History)

    Student: Gina Russo

    Faculty Advisor: Alan Baumler

    Honorable Mention, Best Innovative Sources

    Student Perceptions of Distance Education in Virtual Environments

    (Dept: Communications Media)

    Students: Lauren Bazala, Sylvia Choi, and Sean Riffle

    Faculty Advisor: James Lenze

    Honorable Mention, Best Visual Arts Sources

    Visual Manifestations of Self-Preservation

    (Dept: Art)

    Student: Alisha McCurdy

    Faculty Advisors: Patricia Villalobos-Echeverria and James Nestor

    Honorable Mention, Best Music Sources

    The Sleeping Giant—A Look at How Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre’s Cantata “Le Sommeil d’Ulisse” Predicted and Reflected the Changes in French Society in the wake of the Revolution

    (Dept: Music)

    Student: Tracey Baker

    Faculty Advisor: Matthew Baumer

    • Sigma Xi Best Science Poster Award

    First Place

    Polymerase Chain Reaction: Amplification of RNA from Tomato Mosaic Virus

    (Dept: Biochemistry)

    Student(s): Antonio Scatena

    Faculty Advisor: Bharathan Narayanaswamy

    Second Place

    Social Modulation of HVc Auditory Response in Taeniopygia Guttata, Zebra Finch

    (Dept: Biology)

    Student(s): Jason Wallach

    Faculty Advisor(s): Paul Nealen

    Third Place

    Homology Modeling of Influenza A Virus Polymerase Basic 2 Subunit

    (Dept: Biochemistry)

    Student(s): Caitlin Williamson

    Faculty Advisor: Jana Villemain

    • Awards for the IUP Undergraduate Student Honors Exhibition: Juried Art Exhibition, Kipp Gallery, Sprowls Hall

    First Place

    Jason Brown, “Child in Play”

    Second Place

    Matt Madonna, “Reverse Evolution”

    Third Place

    Melissa Clutz, “Chestnut”

    Fourth Place

    Kyla Groat, “Silhouette”

    Honorable Mentions

    • Stephen Nachreiner, “Wood Stool”
    • Joshua Kosker, “The Dreaming”
    • Joshua Kosker, “Use Me”
    • Stephanie Zini, “The Dance of the Twisted Souls”
    • Nicole Adams, “00925457”

    Dean’s Award

    Jason Brown, “Child in Play”

    • Common Freshman Reader Winners

    First Year Student Essay Winner

    Nicholas Haynos

    First Place Upper Class Student Essay Winner

    Ian Duckworth

    Second Place Upper Class Student Essay Winner

    Christina Roberts

    Honorable Mention Essay Winners

    • Anthony Blair
    • Marianne Gumbosky
    • Jordan Pacific
    • Lauren Venturino

    Creative Works Creativity Award

    Monika Hofmann

    Creative Works Content Award

    Allyson Hale
    Jill Barker

    • Publicity

    The Undergraduate Scholars Forum received coverage in the press at IUP. First, the Undergraduate Scholars Forum website gave students information about the forum, such as submission guidelines, submission forms, presentation formats, deadlines, and the program schedule. This site allowed students to gather any necessary information they may have needed and also listed contact information in case they had any questions about the forum itself or their participation in the forum. The Software Development Center built upon a Web submission program instituted last year for proposal submissions. This Web program also assisted the planning committee in creating the schedule, assisting with the registration for dinner, and creating the program as well as the proceedings.

    The Penn, from Tuesday, February 12, carried an ad promoting the call for presentations. Ads on Friday, March 21, and Friday, March 28, were placed promoting attendance at the forum, and an ad on Tuesday, April 22, was placed congratulating the participants as well as listing the award winners. The subcommittee displayed flyers around campus to advertise the event, as well as a banner hung in the Oak Grove. The subcommittee used the electronic marquee at the HUB for advertising of the forum. The subcommittee also was highlighted in IUP Reporter as well as on WIUP-TV, where footage was shot of the dinner the evening before and of interviews with Dr. Atwater and the speaker, Dr. Takeuchi. This footage is scheduled to air during the 2008–2009 academic year. There were also posters displayed within each college area promoting attendance at the forum.