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Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook

A Guide to Curriculum Change at IUP
2012 Edition

Including All Honors College, Liberal Studies, and Distance Education Forms and Checklists

(Replacing Fall 2011 Edition)

Approved by University Senate — December 5, 2013

Table of Contents

Course Proposals

  • Honors College Courses
    • Criteria for Honors College Courses
    • Form to Request Approval of an Honors College Course
    • Honors College Course Proposal Questions
    • Format for Approval of a New Honors Course
    • Procedures for Approval of a New Honors Course
    • Format for Approval of an Honors Section of an Existing Course
    • Procedures for Approval of an Honors Section of an Existing Course

Program Proposals


  •  Appendix A – Sample Course Proposal 

Appendix B – Forms

*These website forms are interactive PDF, which gives you the option to type on each form and click the "print form" button at the top right. They can be saved.

Appendices of Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook
Appendix B
Forms for the Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook
Appendix C
Course design and approval, including assistance with course design and approval
Appendix D
Distance Education
Approval Process
All curricular changes at IUP must go through this approval process.
Catalog Description Changes
The format used and procedure followed for making course description changes are identical to those used for making name and number changes.
Changes in the Undergraduate Catalog
See this section for assistance with writing catalog copy.
Course Name, Number, and Prefix Changes
Addresses proposal format for submission to change course titles or numbers
Course Proposal that Includes the Use of Distance Education
UWUCC approval procedure for courses that include distance education 
Course Revisions
A course revision must be submitted when a course evolves into something quite different from the course approved by the Senate.
All deletions of courses, minors, tracks or concentrations within majors, or major programs, must receive the approval of the UWUCC and the Senate. While the procedures may vary, all deletions follow the same format.
Expected Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes
Informed, Empowered, and Responsible Learners
For Assistance with Course Design and Approval
Contact information and printed materials
Format for Requesting New Course Proposals
UWUCC Format for Requesting New Course Proposals
Guidelines for Liberal Studies Course Proposals
Course proposal content guidelines; faculty and department commitment to Liberal Studies
Honors College Courses
Criteria and guidelines for the Honors Course approval process
The purpose of this handbook is to help the IUP community understand the procedures by which curricular changes are made, and to assist departments in preparing proposals for approval.
Introduction to Liberal Studies
This section is intended to serve as a guide for faculty and departments in their efforts to develop courses for the Liberal Studies curriculum.
Letters of Support or Acknowledgement
Letters of Support or Acknowledgement
Liberal Studies Approval for Courses
Courses that are intended for the Liberal Studies program must be approved by the Liberal Studies Committee who will forward its recommendation to the UWUCC, which will act on the proposal and submit the course for Senate approval.
Liberal Studies Proposal Submission Guidelines
Listing of required documentation for new or revised course and program proposals
New Course Proposals
Clearly written proposals that follow the prescribed format and procedures are generally approved in a timely fashion.
New Degree (Major) Programs
This section includes the format and approval process for requesting a new degree program, SSHE requirements, Board of Governors academic policies, and administrative procedures.
New Minor Programs
This section includes format of requests and approval process for new minor programs in department where majors do or do not exist, as well as requesting new minor programs.
New Tracks
This section outlines the format for requesting new tracks within existing programs and procedures for the approval process.
Preparing the New Course Proposal
    Procedures for preparing a new course proposal for UWUCC
Presenting the New Course Proposal
Procedures for presenting a new course proposal to the UWUCC
Procedure to Prepare an Existing Course for Distance Education Format
Prior to development of a distance education course, the faculty member must consult with the dean of his her college to verify the source of funding for the preparation stipend and to verify the availability of the technology needed.
Procedures for Multi-Department Course Proposals
 UWUCC approval procedures for multi-department course proposals
Program Revisions (Tracks, Minors, or Majors)
This section explains the format for requesting and procedures for the approval of program deletions and revisions, as well as academic program moratorium and termination.
Special Topics
The Special Topics course is intended by the UWUCC to be used by a department when a course is in the experimental stage of development.
Syllabus of Record Format
Syllabus of Record Format for UWUCC proposals
Writing Across the Curriculum
This section outlines the procedure for making a course writing intensive.
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  • 416 Sutton Hall
    Indiana, PA 15705
  • Phone: 724-357-4524