Frequently Asked Questions about the Department of Theater and Dance

  • How do I get involved in theater productions at IUP?

    For theater productions, check the Waller Hall Lower Lobby Callboard in early April or on the very first day of the fall semester for opportunities in the major fall productions, or October for opportunities in the major spring productions. Academic credit is available for any student at IUP who gets involved—onstage or offstage—in these major season productions.

    In addition, there are announcements for other options all through the year posted on this Waller Production Callboard in the Lower Level Lobby. So, if you’re interested in doing theater, make it over to Waller Hall on a weekly basis to make sure that you have every opportunity to get involved.

    Finally, check our department webpages for audition and crew announcements.

    How do I get involved in dance productions at IUP?

    For dance productions, check out the bulletin boards at Zink Dance Auditorium. Auditions for the IUP Dance Theater Company occur every fall during the first two days of classes. Company membership is open to any student at IUP. Academic credit is also available for membership in our dance company.

    For any further information concerning auditioning for or working on the IUP Dance Theater Company productions, please contact Holly Boda-Sutton, the artistic director of the company, at

    How do I become a theater or interdisciplinary fine arts (music-theater or dance arts) major?

    Just come by the Department of Theater and Dance office at Waller Hall, Room 104. Tell our department secretary, Toni Apryasz, that you are interested in becoming a theater major. She’ll set you up with an appointment to audition or interview for the major and tell you what you need to do to prepare. You can also send an e-mail to Brian Jones, our department chair, at

    You can find preparation information under For Current and Prospective Students.

    How can I become a theater minor?

    Call the Department of Theater and Dance office at 724-357-2965 and ask for an appointment to meet with the department chair, Brian Jones. He can work out with you just how a theater minor can serve your interests, and he can help you apply for it.

    How can I become a dance minor?

    Please go to see Holly Boda-Sutton or Joan Van Dyke in their offices, just off Zink Dance Auditorium. They will interview you to find out how a dance minor can best serve your background and interests and recommend a program just for you. You can also contact them at their e-mails: Holly Boda-Sutton, (; Joan Van Dyke, (