Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act FERPA by Jeannie Broskey

  • As a faculty member, you have access to student records and must, on occasion, interact with parents and guardians requesting information about their student’s academic standing.

    This presentation will cover:

    • What is FERPA?
    • Guidelines for release of student directory information
    • What is “legitimate educational interest”? (Need to know)
    • What about parents?
    • What can I do to uphold FERPA?
    • FERPA guidelines for faculty and staff
    • Operational reminders
    • Consequences of unauthorized release of information

    What do you need to know to protect your students’ privacy? What are the common mistakes teachers make? The consequences of not fully understanding FERPA requirements and the release of unauthorized information can be far-reaching—for both the university and the employee.

    When you are planning your syllabus, assignments, and assessments, and when you are in the throes of class and the often hurried discussions that precede or follow a class, you should keep FERPA requirements in mind. It's tempting to "help" a student who has "only a few minutes" and provide a grade and reason for it while s/he is getting materials into a backpack and other students are waiting around in a clump. But you have just violated FERPA regulations. If you have additional questions, Jeannie Broskey, the associate registrar for Student Records, is happy to answer them. Contact her at