What is the Reflective Practice Project?

    • It is a group of over a hundred IUP faculty members who devote some of their time during the year to reflect on their teaching.
    • There is a monthly series of large RP group meetings. These are mini-workshops by campus “experts” in various teaching strategies or other topics related to the teaching process.
    • There is also a large number of small peer groups or “teaching circles” in which a common topic or theme is explored.
    • There is a workshop each semester in which outside experts in teaching are brought to campus.
    • There is a recognition dinner at the end of the academic year at which a “care package” containing resource materials for future reflection is provided to all active participants.
    • Resource materials that focus on various topics related to reflective teaching are purchased and maintained in the Center for Teaching Excellence and are on reserve at the main campus library.
    • Funding is provided to participants to support (in part) travel to meetings and conferences focused on college-level teaching strategies.

    Executive Summaries: Annual compilation of Reflective Practice Activities