2011-2012 Active Members

  • The following faculty have attained Active status for the 2011-2012 Academic Year:

    Francisco Alarcon, Mathematics
    Mohamed Albohali, MIS and Decision Sciences
    Parveen Ali, Developmental Studies
    Janice Baker, Special Education and Clinical Services
    Bay Beisel, Punxsutawney
    Laurel Black, English
    Christian Bolden, Criminology
    Theresa Calderone, Nursing and Allied Health 
    Tracey Cekada, Safety Sciences
    Yong Colen, Mathematics
    Jean-Louis Dassier, Foreign Languages
    Portia Diaz, Libraries
    Jeff Dories, English
    Allison Downie, Religious Studies 
    Ben Ford, Anthropology
    Jennifer Gossett, Criminology
    Julia Greenawalt, Nursing and Allied Health
    Maryanne Hannibal, Professional Studies in Education
    Derek Hatfield, Psychology
    Tim Hibsman, English
    Anastasia Hudgins, Anthropology
    Christina Huhn, Foreign Languages
    Micki Hyde, MIS and Decision Sciences
    Sandra Janicki, Libraries
    Rita Johnson, Food and Nutrition
    Lindsay Kahle, Sociology
    Kirsten Kemmerer, Sociology
    Kelli Jo Kerry-Moran, Professional Studies in Education
    Laura Knight, Psychology
    Carl LeBlond, Chemistry
    Leanne Lentz, Foreign Languages
    Anson Long, Psychology
    Dante Mancini, Psychology
    Jamie Martin, Criminology
    Susan Martin, Political Science
    Courtney McLaughlin, Educational and School Psychology
    Hayat Messekher, English
    Joann Migyanka, Special Education and Clinical Services 
    Wanda Minnick, Safety Sciences
    Eric Nelson, Safety Sciences
    Lisa Newell, Psychology
    Muhammed Numan, Physics
    Tess O'Neil, Computer Science
    Philip Palko, Education and Educational Technology
    Lisa Palmer, Nursing and Allied Health
    Shannon Phaneuf, Criminology
    Amanda Poole, Anthropology
    Margaret Reardon, Psychology
    Laura Rhodes, Safety Science
    Shari Robertson, Special Education and Clinical Servcies
    Theresa Ruffner, Psychology
    Jay Sarver, English
    Karen Scarton, Human Development and Environmental Studies
    Gail Sechrist, Geography and Regional Planning
    Sedef Smith, English
    Jon Southard, Chemistry
    Sharon Sowa, Chemistry
    David Stein, Special Education and Clinical Services
    Karen Stein, Special Education and Clinical Services
    Rosalee Stilwell, English
    Russell Stocker, Mathematics 
    Gary Stoudt, Mathematics
    Whitney Tudor-Sarver, English
    Christian Vaccaro, Sociology
    Liza Valle, Foreign Languages
    Susan Venatta, Professional Studies in Education
    Judith Villa, English
    Jan Wachter, Safety Science
    Edith West, Nursing and Allied Health
    Todd White
    Cynthia Zidek, Nursing and Allied Health