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Academic Information

  • IUP’s Mission Statement 

    IUP Academic Policies

    Available from the on-line Undergraduate Catalog or the printed IUP Undergraduate Catalog; also, see links below:

    • University Policy on Semester Course Syllabi
    • Undergraduate Course Attendance Policy
    • Final Examination Policies
    • Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures

    The URSA Webpage 

    The University Records and Scheduling Assistant. This is the IUP tool for class registration, schedule planning, and records management—for students, faculty, and staff. (See your schedule, class lists, record final grades, etc.)

    Advisor Advocate 

    The faculty advising resource.

    University Senate 

    The purpose of the University Senate is to provide a formal means through which the student body, faculty, staff, and the administration, working as a unified group, shall have a representative share in the governance of the university.

    Liberal Studies 

    Information about the Liberal Studies program and requirements at IUP. This program consists of core course requirements all students must fulfill.

    IUP’s Stapleton Library 

    The Applied Research Lab

    The Applied Research Lab (ARL) provides technical assistance to faculty, staff, students, administrators, and the general public engaged in research.

    The Center for Teaching Excellence

    The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to foster the enhancement of teaching excellence in all its forms. We seek to provide constructive and developmental mechanisms for nurturing the excellence in teaching that already exists at IUP.

    • The Reflective Practice Group — The Reflective Practice Project at Indiana University of Pennsylvania is a group of faculty and Student Affairs personnel who promote an exploratory and reflective approach to teaching and learning and a willingness to use active learning strategies and to experiment with and access the impact of various teaching techniques. As a group of over one hundred persons, it is also the primary forum for discussing the enhancement of teaching and learning.
    • Related links - links to sites about teaching and learning
    • IDEA Papers, from Kansas State University's IDEA Center, are small works, usually four to six pages, concerning a wide variety of faculty evaluation and development issues, such as Writing a Syllabus, Motivating Students, Improving Lectures, etc. (in Adobe Acrobat format).
    • Faculty Development Associates links to on-line resources related to teaching and learning; and their teaching tip of the week.