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Frequently Asked Questions about Step Three

  • What is the electronic portfolio?

    The portfolio is an electronic presentation of documents and artifacts created and compiled by a student to provide evidence that he/she has met the rigorous standards and requirements of our teacher preparation programs. The portfolio is developed and evaluated at each of the three stages of IUP’s Three-Step Process. A completed portfolio is a requirement for graduation from all of IUP’s teacher preparation programs.

    What should be in my electronic portfolio?

    General information, such as your contact information, philosophy of education, and résumé, as well as artifacts and descriptions of how you have met the standards specified for your teacher education program. Your electronic portfolio should be included with your application for teacher education (Step 1), before student teaching (Step 2), and before applying for teacher certification (Step 3), along with the appropriate rubric completed by your advisor/supervisor.

    Where can I obtain the rubric for my electronic portfolio review?

    Contact your program advisor for the rubric.

    What is the Teacher Work Sample?

    Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the Office of Teacher Education have adopted the Student Teaching Work Sample as the culminating project to verify positive impact on K-12 student learning.

    During student teaching, the student will prepare a “work sample” in order to provide verification that the students have learned, i.e., that the student teacher has has a positive impact on the student’s learning.

    Also, see the Student Work Sample Template.

    How do I find out whom my student teaching supervisor will be?

    Each department assigns supervisors for student teaching. In most cases, the final determination of supervision is not determined until just before the beginning of your student teaching experience.

    What do I need to do to get Pennsylvania certification?

    The process for securing certification in Pennsylvania is through the Teach Information Management System (TIMS) on the Pennsylvania Department of Education website.

    Application for certification can not be made until the month of your graduation!

    TIMS PowerPoint Instructions

    What fees can I expect with my application for certification?

    1. You are required to pay a fee of $200 as of November 1, 2016, to PDE through the TIMS certification system.
    2. You are also required to pay a $60 processing fee to IUP through the Marketplace website.

    Once you have completed your application and paid your IUP fee to Marketplace, you must send a copy of the TIMS coversheet and Marketplace receipt to:

    Office of Teacher Education
    Stouffer Hall, Room 104
    1175 Maple Street
    Indiana, PA 15705

    If you have any questions about the process of certification, please contract the Office of Teacher Education at 734-357-2485.