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Scholarships and Programs that Need Your Generosity

You can designate your gift to any area of IUP you choose. You just need to assign the correct fund number to your gift. To find the fund number, follow these instructions.

  • Select from the categories below and choose "search" at the bottom of the page.
  • From the list of funds that appear at right, follow the link to obtain the fund number.
  • Place the fund number on the giving form (follow the link to Give Now to make your gift online).
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7-Zip File Manager Support Resources
About iaccounts
About iforms
Accessing Adobe Creative Cloud Software
Accessing Blackboard Collaborate Session in Moodle 2.x for Instructors
Account and Password Information for Faculty and Staff
Accounts and Passwords
ACPAC Open Format Guidelines
Administrative Desktop Hardware Requirements
Administrative Network Contacts
Administrative Training Facilities
Adobe Software Licensing Program
Amplifier Product Brochure
Announcements in Moodle
Anti-Spam Measures
Anti-Spam Service
Anti-Spam Service FAQ
Apple TV Setup Instructions
Arrange Your Taskbar Icons
Audio Amplifier
Available Software at IUP
Backing Up Survey Results
Before You Opt In to the Anti-Spam Service
Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing
Blocked Domains
Brown Bag Sessions
Caller ID and Related Features
Centrex Feature Codes and Their Uses
Common Mailing List Terms
Computer Account Retention
Computing Accounts FAQ
Confidential Information Addendum for Contractors
Confidentiality Statement for Information Protection Policy
Connect to the IUP Virtual Private Network using Windows 8
Connect to the Virtual Private Network using Mac OS X
Connect to the Virtual Private Network using Windows 7
Control Software Tutorial
Creating Metacourses in Moodle 2.x
D2L BootCamp
Dangers of File-Sharing Networks
Data Backup and Restore Services
Data Communication Service Prices
Delete a Group from the Imail Address Book Folder
Delete your Saved Password from your IUP Wireless Network Setup
Desire2Learn (D2L)
Document Camera
Download Music, Movies, and Software Legally
Download Sophos
DVD Player Product Brochure
DVD-VCR Combo Device
E-mail Alias for Employees
E-mail Attachment Filtering
E-mail Backups and Restores
E-mail Delivery Status Notification
E-mail Non-Delivery Report Information
E-mail Privacy
E-mail Server Configuration Info
FileSender Service
Find Info Image 1
Find Your IUP Account Information (Username and Password)
Frequently Asked Questions about the Administrative Desktop and Network
Frequently Asked Questions: E-mail Alias
Frequently Asked Questions: WS FTP (Limited Edition)
Get Support
Getting Started with itube
Hardware Quotes
Hardware Support
How to Add a New Contact in Imail
How to Add a Signature to All Messages in Imail
How to Change the “From” Address in Imail
How to Change your E-mail Password
How to Change Your E-mail Password (Demo)
How to Connect to the IUP Wireless Network with a Blackberry Playbook
How to Connect to the IUP Wireless Network with a Blackberry Smartphone
How to Connect to the IUP Wireless Network with a Motorola Xoom
How to Connect to the IUP Wireless Network with an Android Smartphone
How to Connect to the IUP Wireless Network with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod
How to Connect to the Wired and Wireless Network with
How to Connect to the Wireless and Wired Network with (PDF version with screenshots)
How to Create a Group in the Imail Address Book
How to Delete a Contact or Group
How to Delete Messages in Imail
How to Edit a Contact or Group in the Imail Address Book
How to Find a File or Folder
How to Find or Change Your E-mail Alias
How to Log Out of Imail
How to Login to and Logout of Imail (Demo)
How to Login to Imail
How to Manage Sent Items
How to Manually Update Your Whitelist or Blacklist
How to Map an IUP Network Drive from a Mac
How to Map an IUP Network Drive from Windows 7
How to Map an IUP Network Drive from Windows 8 and 8.1
How to Map the Standard IUP Network Drives
How to Opt In to the Anti-Spam Service
How to Opt Out of the Anti-Spam Service
How to Recover Disk Space for a Mailing List
How to Redirect a Message to a Moderated Mailing List
How to Request a Full Featured Open Mailing List
How to Request a Full Featured Restricted Mailing List
How to Request a Mailing List at IUP (employees only)
How to Request a Public Distribution List
How to Search the IUP Directory (LDAP) from Imail
How to Send (Compose) a Message in Imail
How to Send (Compose) an E-Mail Message to a Group in Imail
How to Set Up your IUP E-mail Account on a Blackberry Smartphone
How to Set Up your IUP E-mail Account on an Android
How to Set Your Default Layout in Imail
How to Submit a Spear Phishing Message to IT Support
How to Update Mailing List Subscribers
How to Use Filter to Find Messages in Imail
How to Use Imail
How to Use Rules to Block Spam in Imail
How to Use Search to Find Messages in Imail
How to Use the Replied Addresses Address Book in Imail
How to Use the Vacation Rule in Imail
How to View the Sender of a Message in Imail
iblog New IUP Blogging Service
Ihelp Service
Imail Address Book
Imail Lite
Imail Mobile
InCommon Federation
InCommon Participant Operational Practices
Information Assurance Guidelines
Information Protection Procedures
Initial Logon to IUP Network
Inserting an itube Video into a D2L Course
Instructor PC
iPhone 4s
iPhone 5
IT Support Center Alerts
ITS Standard Desktop
itube Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
itube: Video Streaming Service
IUP Mobile Admissions Info App FAQ
IUP Mobile App FAQ
IUP Mobile Directory App
IUP Mobile Directory App FAQ
IUP Mobile Events App
IUP Mobile Events App FAQ
IUP Mobile Map App
IUP Mobile News App
IUP Mobile News App FAQ
IUP Network
IUP Smartphone Request Form
IUP WebSO (Web Single Sign-On) Service
iwiki Information
Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER)
Learn More about Spear Phishing
List of Multimedia Classrooms
List of Supported Smartphones and Tablets
Logging Into the MyIUP Portal
Mailing Lists at IUP
Managing a Mailing List
Microsoft Online Courses
Migrating Content Into iblog
Minimize All Inactive Windows
Mobile Services
Moodle Course Management Model Presentation
Motorola Bionic
Motorola Droid 4
Motorola Droid Pro
Motorola Droid X2
Motorola Razr
Motorola Razr Maxx
Multimedia Classroom Frequently Asked Questions
Multimedia Classroom Overview
NCSAM Creative Project Guidelines
Network Account and Password Info
Network Management
Online Directory Services
Open Another Instance of an Application
Other Systems of Interest
Password Practices
Peer-to-Peer Networks
Personal Mobile Devices
Personal PC Security
Personal Security Practices
Personal Website Service
Personal Website Service Supported MIME Types
Phishing for IUP E-mail Accounts
Pin a Program to the Taskbar
Pin Up the Folders You Use Most
Play Online Room Archive
Printer Quotes and Specifications
Profile Pictures for D2L or Moodle
Promotion Recommendation Upload Information
Protecting Your Privacy
Recommended File Formats and Compatibility
Renaming E-mail Attachments
Respondus Quick Start Guide
Respondus User Guide
Resume Imail from a Disconnected Session
Robertshaw Computer Lab
Save Money with Smarter Printing Habits
Scroll through Applications on the Taskbar
Service Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
Set Up Your IUP E-mail Account on iPhone, iPad, or iPod
Setup Instructions for New IUP Voicemail System
Shuffling through Program Windows
Software Support Resources
Sophos Endpoint Security and Control
Sophos Endpoint Security and Control Information
Spear Phishing
Spear Phishing E-mail Alert
Spear Phishing Example
Special VPN Setting for Library Database Access
Spyware and Adware
Standard Public Lab Software
StudyMate Quick Start Guide
Survey Request Form
Survey Service
System Maintenance
Telephone Services
Terms Related to the Anti-Spam Service
Toner Purchase Program
Training Room at the IT Support Center
Trash Management
Types of Mailing Lists
Understanding the Anti-Spam Service Whitelist and Blacklist
Uploading an itube Video to D2L
Uploading Video to itube through Moodle
Use Jump Lists to Open Programs and Other Items
Use of E-mail Policy
User ID and PIN
Using My Home in Moodle
Using the Anti-Spam Service
Verizon Voicemail
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Virus and Hoax Information Sites
Virus Support
Virus Support FAQ
Virus Warnings in E-mail Messages
Viruses and Spam
Web Services
What To Do if Your Network Account Enters a Locked State
When to Use the Imail Login Checkboxes for Fixed Network Address Check and Cookie Check
Windows 7 Enterprise Support Resources
Wireless Communications Guidelines
Wireless Network
Wireless Network Requirements
Wireless Setup for the iPhone or iPod Touch
Wireless Setup for the IUP Network - Mac OS X
Wireless Setup for the IUP Network - Ubuntu
Wireless Setup for the IUP Network - Windows 7
Wireless Setup for the IUP Network - Windows 8 / 8.1
Wireless Setup for the IUP Network - Windows Vista
Workshop and Training Offerings with Descriptions
Workshop and Training Schedule
Workshops and Training
WS FTP - File Transfer Protocol
XD1000U Product Brochure
XL25U Product Brochure