Standing CART Membership

  • For more information about the Concern and Response Team (CART) or to seek assistance for a student exhibiting concerning behaviors, contact any of the following CART members:

    CART Convener: Dr. Rhonda Luckey, vice president for Student Affairs

    • Dr. Lynanne Black, dean's associate, College of Education and Educational Technology
    • Dr. Dan Burkett, dean’s associate, College of Natural Science and Mathematics, CART
    • Ms. Sondra Dennison, director of Residential Living for Campus Living/Learning
    • Dr. David Ferguson, assistant dean, College of Fine Arts
    • Dr. Dorothy Gracey, associate dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Mr. Mike Lemasters, associate vice president for Student Affairs
    • Dr. Sally McCombie, dean's associate, College of Health and Human Services  
    • Dr. David Myers, chair, Counseling Center, Center for Health and Well-Being
    • Mrs. Kara Romance, assistant dean, College of Business and Information Technology
    • Mr. Kevin Thelen, director, Public Safety
    • Mr. Theo Turner, interim director, Center for Student Life