IUP Day Personnel

  • IUP Day is a student-generaged event: planned and executed entirely by members of the IUP student body.

    IUP Day Committee

    The following students volunteered their time and energy to plan and carry-out events for IUP Day 2013

    Ms. Julie Kilgus

    Board Member

    Ms. Megan Szymanski

    Circle K

    Ms. Janell Barr

    The Beak

    Ms. Katie Caffrey

    IUP Ambassadors, PSSLC

    Mr. Jamie Smith

    SGA, House of Representatives

    Mr. Matt Brown

    Ms. Johanna Hopkins

    IUP Panhellenic

    Mr. Zach Clark

    Advisor, TEN and BEC
    Student Cooperative Association

    Ms. Allison Shumar

    Advisor, IUP Day
    Center for Student Life