Center for Student Life

  • The Center for Student Life (CSL) provides opportunities for students to develop skills that enhance lifelong problem-solving, communication, and decision-making abilities in our complex society. Staff members encourage students to forge positive relationships with their peers and participate in values-based student organizations, university traditions, co-curricular activities, and fraternal experiences. The CSL also promotes the development of a university community which is characterized by reasonable safety and security and enforcement of university policies and regulations. These objectives are furthered by challenging students to accept responsibility for their actions and demonstrate responsible behavior, civility, and respect.

    The CSL supports the vision and mission of the university and the Student Affairs Division by empowering students, both individually and collectively, to participate in intentional and interconnected learning and leadership experiences. The CSL encourages good citizenship, responsible stewardship, and engagement as a foundation for current and future success.

    The CSL houses three interworking offices: Student Leadership, Greek Life, and Program Coordination/Communication and Assessment.

    These three offices work together to further the Center for Student Life's mission statement of fostering a university community characterized by reasonable safety and security, responsible and educated behavior, civility, and respect.

    The Office for Student Leadership supports recognized campus organizations with leadership opportunities and coordination among the university administrative system.

    The Greek Life Office provides a wealth of developmental opportunities that support academic engagement, cognitive development, student leadership, civic responsibility, and peer accountability.

    The Program Coordination Office promotes the Center for Student Life mission statement with university-wide programming such as the Six O’clock Series and events such as IUP Day and the Homecoming Parade.