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Work On or Off Campus?

  • Before beginning any type of employment, a job seeker should weigh the pros and cons of the job and the working environment.  There are both positives and negatives to on and off campus employment.  Below is a short list of possible pros and cons.  Please do not consider this a complete list.

    On Campus Employment

    • No need for a car
    • More flexible with classes
    • More study time because no need to commute
    • Follow a set schedule
    • Network with faculty and administration
    • Work in between your classes
    • No late night hours
    • Diverse work setting with opportunities to work in a variety of areas
    • Build customer service skills


    • Limited hours to work
    • Minimum wage (some exceptions)
    • Cap on earnings
    • Limited exposure beyond students, faculty and administration
    • Limits your leisure time

    Off Campus Employment

    • More hours
    • Opportunity to earn more money
    • Different atmosphere
    • Exposure to more people
    • Build customer service skills


    • Less free time for school
    • May need a car
    • Not as much study time
    • Possible late night hours
    • Employee first instead of a student first
    • Limits your leisure time