About Student Employment

  • Student employment is the #1 activity that students share or have in common.

    Working part-time while taking classes enables a student to gain valuable transferrable skills that are invaluable to an entry-level job seeker. Transferrable skills are skills acquired during any activity—employment, school, projects, hobbies, sports, etc.—that are transferrable to the next level of one’s career.

    Examples of transferrable skills include:

    • Communication (speaking effectively, listening attentively, negotiating, perceiving nonverbal messages)
    • Human Relations (developing rapport, being sensitive, listening, cooperating, representing others)
    • Organization (teaching, coaching, counseling, promoting change, managing conflict, initiating new ideas)

    The Student Employment Program assists in making the employment search straightforward for IUP students by providing a listing of both on- and off-campus employment opportunities. We work closely with departmental offices as well as off-campus employers in order to provide current employment opportunities. Therefore, we post and remove jobs promptly from the website in an effort to keep the listings current and efficient.

    Please Note: As of January 1, 2015, background checks for new student employees will be required and provided at no charge.

    Beginning January 1, 2015, any new employee (one that did not work during the fall term 2014)—including new student employees and graduate assistants at both the undergraduate and graduate levels—will be required to have background checks. 

    After submitting paperwork to the Payroll Office, new student employees must go to the Office of Human Resources during regular business hours for fingerprinting. A valid photo ID will be required to begin the background check processing. As there is an expected delay in processing background checks at the state and federal levels, student employees will be permitted to be hired and begin work immediately if they complete a 90-day provisional appointment form, also available in the Office of Human Resources. There is no cost to the student employee or to the department employing the student for the background check.