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Registration Helpful Tips

  • Before you log into the secure area of MyIUP, open the Schedule of Classes Listing. You will be able to see a listing of all courses being offered during that semester. This listing will also indicate if the course is closed. You can retrieve the CRN number for a course from this listing, which will be needed should you be granted a closed section override for any course.

    To Register for a Closed Course

    (after you have been granted a closed section override)

    If you log in to the secure area and then check the classes listing, you will only see courses that are open. Courses that are closed will not appear once you have logged into the secure area. Therefore, follow these steps to register for a closed course:

    1. Look up CRN number on the Schedule of Classes Listing before logging into the secure area.
    2. Log in to the secure area.
    3. Register for the class by typing the CRN number into the registration section.
    4. Review schedule to verify that the course has been added to your schedule. 

    Alternate PIN Numbers

    Students must see their advisor in order to receive their Alternate PIN Number before registering for classes. Once a student has received their Alternate PIN Number from their advisor and has begun the registration process, they can view their Alternate PIN Number in MyIUP. Simply log in to MyIUP, go to the ACADEMICS tab to locate the Course Registration and Textbooks block and click on View Your Alternate PIN.

    Override Information

    Students can check MyIUP to find out if an override has been entered. Simply log in to MyIUP, go to the Registration Menu, and click on Registration Status. Be sure to register for courses for which you have received an override as quickly as possible (within forty-eight hours).

    If you have questions or problems, please stop in Davis Hall, room 203, for assistance.