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Title IX Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Complaint Procedures

  • IUP is committed to an educational and work environment free from any form of sexual harassment and sexual violence. The IUP Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy provides definitions, reporting, and complaint resolution procedures.

    The university’s interim Title IX coordinator, Sondra Dennison, can be reached through the Office of Social Equity: title-ix@iup.eduSondra.Dennison@iup.edu, 724-357-3402, or through the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining, 724-357-2696. This position is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the university’s Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy, as well as compliance with the State System, the Commonwealth, and federal laws and regulations addressing sexual violence—including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. The interim Title IX coordinator’s work is supported by the interim Title IX deputy coordinator, Paula Stossel: 724-357-7879, Paula.Stossel@iup.edu.

    Reports of sexual harassment and sexual violence, including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking should be reported to the following:

    To File a Complaint:

    • Alleged student perpetrator: Office of Student Conduct, 724-357-1264
    • Alleged employee perpetrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources, 724-357-2431 or the Interim Title IX coordinator, 724-357-3402
    • Neither student or employee perpetrator: University Police, 724-357-2141
    • Unsure of whom to contact? Contact a campus security authority coordinator:
      • Kevin Thelen, director of Public Safety and University Police: 724-357-2141
      • Sondra Dennison, interim Title IX coordinator and executive director of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining: 724-357-3402 or 724-357-2696
      • Paula Stossel, interim Title IX deputy coordinator and assistant vice president for graduate enrollment management and processing: 724-357-7879 
      • Craig Bickley, associate vice president for Human Resources: 724-357-2431
      • David Berberich, assistant director for Student Living, Punxsutawney campus: 814-938-1442
      • LTC Jason Freidt, BN commander, professor of Military Science: 724-357-2399
      • Lou Garzarelli, executive director and CEO, Student Cooperative Association: 724-357-1374
      • Mark Mathe, senior events manager, Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex: 724-357-5202
      • Richard Muth, director, Northpointe and Monroeville campuses: 724-294-3309
      • Michele Petrucci, assistant vice president for International Education and Global Engagement: 724-357-2295
      • Samantha Traver, assistant athletic director for compliance/senior women's administrator: 724-357-6948
      • Theo Turner, director, Center for Multicultural Student Leadership and Engagement: 724-357-2598

    IUP takes immediate and effective steps to end sexual harassment and sexual violence. Retaliation against individuals reporting sexual harassment and/or sexual violence will not be tolerated and will be addressed through the appropriate university process (University Police, Student Conduct, Human Resources). Questions about IUP’s Title IX policy and protocol can be directed to the Office of Social Equity, title-ix@iup.edu, 724-357-3402, B-17 Delaney Hall.

    The U.S. Department of Education, OCR oversees Title IX compliance. Questions may be addressed to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

    For Support and Services:

    Haven Project - Phone: 724-357-3947, haven-project@iup.edu 
    Suites on Maple East, Suite G-2         
    901 Maple Street    


    IUP individuals who support alleged victims of sexual violence may provide confidential services at the request of the alleged victim. Although a legally recognized privilege may not attach to these roles, the university respects the alleged victim’s expectations of privacy to the extent permissible by law while still ensuring compliance with other reporting obligations. Individuals authorized to have confidentiality are required to report the nature, date, time, and general location of an allegation of sexual violence to the Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator. Individuals appointed with confidentiality for 2016–17 are listed here: Authorized Confidentiality 2016–17 (pdf)


    Title IX Reporting Flow Chart

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    Assault Victim Bill of Rights

    2015–16 Training Manual ( Electronic and Print Views)

    2016–17 Where to Turn for Help and Title IX Information Brochure 

    Resources for International Students: 

    International students can access the Title IX Booklet as follows: