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Social Equity

The Office of Social Equity works to assist in the creation of a campus environment that promotes diversity and values individual differences.

We believe that diversity enriches the campus community, and we strive to understand, accept, and value differences respectfully. Download the 2014–15 Office of Social Equity brochure(pdf).

Download the 2014 Religion Resource Guidebook(pdf). This document includes information for significant dates, practices and accommodations, places of worship, and student religious organizations. It is intended to help expand understanding and strengthen relationships of the diverse religious and non-religious groups here at IUP.

Conflict and Dispute Resolution

The Office of Social Equity assists the Office of Human Resourcesin resolving complaints and reports of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Regulatory Compliance

The office also monitors the university’s performance and behavior to ensure that it meets the regulatory standards of the federal and state governments.

Diversity Support for Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources works in partnership with the Office of Social Equity to improve the existing faculty and staff search procedures by developing new and more creative supplementary approaches to increasing faculty and staff diversity on campus. During search committee meetings, the committee members are reminded of the importance of diversity to the educational mission of the university and are given information, strategies, and resources to help increase diversity in the applicant pool.

Disability Resources

The Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, state and local government, public accommodations, commercial facilities, transportation, and telecommunications.

Any employee in need of ADA accommodations is required to complete the ADA Request for Accommodation Form. The form can also be obtained by contacting the Office of Human Resources. Please note that all ADA accommodation requests are handled through the Office of Human Resources. Any student in need of accommodations should contact the IUP Office of Disability Support Services.

Access at construction sites on campus, including ADA access, can be found in the IUP Facilities Engineering and Constructionnews information.

The IUP Taskforce on Accessibility Guidelines (TAG) committee recommends and implements policies and procedures on electronic information technology (EIT) accessibility.  Further information, including the statement of non-discrimination, can be found on the Government's Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act .

The following sites provide helpful information and valuable insight regarding ADA requirements and solutions, employment, and opportunities: 

Indiana University of Pennsylvania is committed to advancing social equity through diversity education, campus climate assessment, compliance, and human resources.

Diversity Commissions
Diversity groups receiving funding and program support from the Office of Social Equity are: African American Cultural Center; Frederick Douglass Institute; GLBT Commission; Hispanic Heritage Council; Native American Awareness Council; Women's Commission.
Diversity Peer Educator Program
The Office of Social Equity is looking for ambitious, energetic, social justice advocates to become members of the Diversity Peer Educator Program. You can make a difference on campus!
Diversity Student Council
The Diversity Student Council is comprised of students interested in spreading awareness about diversity issues, advocating for all IUP students, and creating an inclusive campus community.
Diversity Student Art Gallery
Featuring the work of several Department of Art students, the newly created Diversity Student Art Gallery is representative of the office’s purpose that “everyone is welcome here and everyone belongs.” The gallery is open to all members of the campus community.
Title IX: Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Complaint Procedures
IUP is committed to an educational and work environment free from any form of sexual harassment or sexual violence. The IUP Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy prohibits sexual harassment and sexual violence and provides reporting procedures.
Speaking Up to Keep Children Safe
IUP and the State System have partnered with Stop It Now, a national organization dedicated to preventing sexual abuse of children by mobilizing adults, families, and communities to take actions to protect children before they are harmed.
  • Social Equity Office
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  • Phone: 724-357-3402
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  • Office Hours
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