Six O’Clock Series: 2016 Spring Schedule

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  • Pathways to Local, National, and International Service
    February 8: Change lives, including your own, through community service. Our world faces immense challenges— 5.6 million young Americans are neither in school nor working, 1 million students are dropping out of school each year, and 20% of children are living in poverty. Learn about local, national, and international service opportunities that empower you to pursue your passion for making a difference.
    How to Rock a Career Fair
    February 15: It's the season for searching for summer internships and jobs! Jamie Timms is a recruitment industry expert from Enterprise Holdings, the world's largest car rental company, which employs more than 8,000 college graduates each year. The session will address practical steps for approaching employers, articulating your strengths, and making a positive impression.
    The ADA at 25: Still Moving Forward—How to be an Ally
    February 22: Join us in celebrating the 25th year of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as we explore with Dr. Karen Myers what it is like to be a person and a professional with a disability and how to be an ally for persons with disabilities. Dr. Myers will explore how to avoid labels, use respectful communication, and promote comfort and awareness towards ensuring inclusiveness for all people.
    ZUZU African Acrobats
    February 29: The ZUZU African Acrobats are a high-energy African acrobatics show from Mombasa, Kenya—as seen on America’s Got Talent—who use a traditional African art form set to high-energy African beats to bring joy and learning to students across America.
    3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy
    March 14: Through exclusive interviews with detectives, crime scene investigators, journalists, victims, and Dr. Gosnell himself, 3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy tells a story of violence, greed, and a cover-up that shook the nation. After the film, its director and IUP alumnus, David Altrogge, will participate in a Q&A session.
    Moving Beyond the Barriers that Divide Us
    March 21: Each of the world’s religions has some version of the “Golden Rule.” How do we begin to have conversations between our different religions, races, and cultural realities? What role does "white privilege" have in moving these discussions forward?
    Germany Then and Now: 25 Years After Reunification
    March 28: After a short overview of major events in German cultural and political history between 1949 to 1990, a panel of speakers will share their personal perceptions of the divided Germany, reunification, and the economic and political powerhouse that Germany is today. Questions and comments from the audience are welcome.
    Holocaust Survivor Reflects on His Experiences
    April 4: Holocaust survivor Moshe Baran will tell about his experiences from being a forced laborer to partisan fighter, as well as show his documentary film, A Look into the Eyes of Resistance. His inspirational story of survival and resistance focuses on how people can create a more peaceful world.
    An Inside Look at the Real World After Graduation: IUP Alumni Panel Discussion
    April 11: So you graduate in a few weeks, what are you doing next? Join a panel of IUP Alumni to discuss what to expect after graduation and how to stay engaged as an IUP alumnus/a! Interact with IUP alumni from a variety of professions as they share their insight on how they landed their positions and provide tips for your future. You will leave being #IUPproud for sure!
    Debunking the Myths About Refugee Resettlement
    April 18: Join a panel of discussants, including former refugees living in the area, for a timely conversation about refugee resettlement. Learn about the history of refugee resettlement and the experiences of refugees from several different countries.