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    When programs are revised by the addition or deletion of credits or courses, these changes must be forwarded to the UWUCC. The process for making revisions in majors, tracks within majors, or minors is identical.

    If the program revision involves a change of program title, degree designation, or certification, it may need to be approved by the Chancellor of the State System of Higher Education. Refer to Section B of the SSHE Administrative Procedures for Board of Governors’ Policy 1985-01: Requirements for Initiation or Change of Credit-Based Academic Programs. Departments contemplating program revisions should consult with their Dean to determine the extent of SSHE involvement required in the approval process.

    If a program revision involves a change in the Liberal Studies component of the program, the proposal must be reviewed by the Liberal Studies Committee before being examined by the UWUCC.

    Sometimes departments will submit a new course for approval and subsequently require their students to take this course. Unless the department also proposes a revision of their degree program to include the new course as a requirement, they may not require students to take it. Therefore, if you want to propose a new course and require that students take the course, you must submit a new course proposal and a program revision.

    Please note:

    The UWUCC believes that any degree program is stronger if it includes an opportunity for students to select freely at least some courses that reflect their own intellectual interests. Proposers of program revisions in which the combined number of free electives and unspecified Liberal Studies electives does not allow such student choice, or allows only a very limited opportunity for it, should be prepared to supply justification.

    Program Deletions (Tracks, Minors, or Majors)

    To request the deletion/termination of any program, see the the deletion section of this handbook and the System Directive, Academic Program Moratorium and Termination.

    Format for Requesting a Program Revision

    Part I. Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet (Interactive PDF Form)

    Part II. Description of Curriculum Change

    1. Catalog description for the revised program in the appropriate form. This includes both the description about the program and the list of courses and credits for the revised program.
    2. Summary of changes:
      1. Table comparing old and new programs
      2. List of all associated course changes (new or revised courses, number, title, or description changes, and deletions)
      3. Rationale for Change

    Part III. Implementation. Provide answers to the following questions:

    1. How will the proposed revision affect students already in the existing program?
    2. Are faculty resources adequate? If you are not requesting or have not been authorized to hire additional faculty, demonstrate how this course will fit into the schedule(s) of current faculty.
    3. Are other resources adequate? (Space, equipment, supplies, travel funds)
    4. Do you expect an increase or decrease in the number of students as a result of these revisions? If so, how will the department adjust?

    Part IV. Periodic Assessment

    Departments are responsible for an on-going review of curriculum. Include information about the department’s plan for program evaluation:

    1. Describe the evaluation plan. Include evaluation criteria. Specify how student input will be incorporated into the evaluation process.
    2. Specify the frequency of the evaluations.
    3. Identify the evaluating entity.

    Part V. Course Proposals

    Course proposals for any new courses added, revised, or deleted as a result of this program revision. A course analysis questionnaire and syllabus must be included for each course.

    Part VI. Letters of Support or Acknowledgement 

    Sign-off letters from interested or affected departments including a letter from the Liberal Studies Committee, if appropriate.

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    Procedures for Approval of Program Revision

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