Procedures for Multi-Department Course Proposals

  • University-Wide Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook

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    1. On the Cover Page that accompanies the proposal: The unit (college or group of departments) proposing the course/program, not the department of the person writing the proposal, should be listed under “Proposing Department/Unit.”
    2. All department curriculum committees included in the proposal must participate in the approval process, not just the proposer’s curriculum committee and not just the department chairs. Therefore, letters/emails of support (or acknowledgement in the case of nonsupport) from all of the chairs and department curriculum committees participating are required attachments.
    3. If the course being proposed is intended to be interdisciplinary, include in the rationale section procedures that will be implemented to ensure a true interdisciplinary approach to the course.
    4. Although it is not a concern of the UWUCC, the committee suggests that the unit submitting the proposal develop a rotation for offering the courses (including the summer) so that all departments involved have an equal chance of participating. This is not part of the curriculum approval, but would constitute a measure within the unit to ensure cooperation among all departments involved.

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    See Appendix D (Implementation of Distance Education Article #42) with the understanding that distance education approval cannot occur before the course itself is approved.