Presenting the New Course Proposal

  • University-Wide Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook

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    At the time a proposal is being considered by the UWUCC, the department in which the proposal originated may be invited to meet with the committee. At this time, you may be asked to clarify information and answer any questions. It is important that the person who represents your department at this meeting be knowledgeable about the proposal and very familiar with the course content.

    Departments will be notified of any action taken by the UWUCC. If the course is approved and forwarded to the Senate, the department will be informed of the date on which the Senate will take action on the proposal. Departments are strongly urged to have a representative at the Senate meeting who is familiar with the proposal and who can answer any technical, philosophical or professional questions concerning the course that might arise.*

    *The UWUCC reserves the right to remove a proposal from the floor if no department representative is present because the committee members may not be able to adequately answer specific questions from the Senate floor.