Preparing the New Course Proposal

  • University-Wide Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook

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    As seen from the Format for New Course Proposals, it will be necessary for you to supply the UWUCC with a substantial amount of specific information about the new course before the UWUCC will take action on the proposal. In order to maintain the academic integrity of the curriculum, the UWUCC must not only determine the quality and soundness of the proposal itself, but also that the necessary resources are available to ensure a quality course. In addition, any overlap with existing courses inside or outside the department must be resolved. Where overlap or concern of other departments is an issue, the UWUCC asks that issues be resolved by the departments and requires that letters stating the position of affected departments accompany the proposal.

    When preparing a new course proposal that will be cross-listed with other departments, the UWUCC asks that only one person be listed as the contact person. The Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet should list all department abbreviations for the course on the appropriate line. The signature page should include the signatures of department curriculum committee chairs, department chairs of all involved departments and the appropriate college(s). The course proposal should include an explanation of how consistency of the course will be maintained across multiple departments with the expectation that a common syllabus will be used in each situation.

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