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    The Office of the Chancellor in the SSHE must be notified of a proposer’s intent to develop a new degree program. The proposer is directed to contact the dean of the involved college and discuss an appropriate format for such notification. The proposer will be asked to develop an overview or abstract of the degree program and forward that to the SSHE office through the college dean and provost. Once the SSHE office has reviewed the overview and granted permission to the plan, the proposer develops the full proposal including all information requested in Section B of the SSHE Administrative Procedures for Board of Governors’ Policy 1985-01: Requirements for Initiation or Change of Credit-Based Academic Programs. Note that after the program has been approved by the Senate, Provost, and Council of Trustees, the proposal is presented to the Chancellor’s Office for final approval.

    The proposer of a new degree program is directed to review the Board of Governor’s Policy on Academic Degrees that is included in this handbook. The policy includes criteria and definitions for academic degrees.

    The UWUCC believes that any degree program is stronger if it includes an opportunity for students to select freely at least some courses that reflect their own individual intellectual interests. Proposers of degree programs in which the combined number of free electives and unspecified Liberal Studies courses does not allow such student choice, or allows only a very limited opportunity for it, should be prepared to supply justification.

    The Liberal Studies component of a proposal for a new degree program must be approved by the Liberal Studies Committee prior to UWUCC review. Include a letter of recommendation from the Director of Liberal Studies in the program proposal.

    Program proposals are reviewed by the UWUCC as an entire package. All related proposals for new and/or revised courses must be included in the program proposal.

    Format for Requesting a New Degree Program

    Part I. Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet (Interactive PDF Form)

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    Part II. Description of Curriculum Change

    1. A catalog description of the new program. This includes both the description about the program and the list of courses and credits for the new program.
    2. A rationale/justification for the new program. Include responses to Section B of the SSHE Administrative Procedures for Board of Governors’ Policy 1985-01: Requirements for Initiation or Change of Credit-Based Academic Programs. A summary of the program, including a list of courses, requirements and/or restrictions.
    3. An eight-semester course sequence that illustrates a recommended schedule for the students in the new program.

    Part III. Course Proposals

    1. Include documentation sent to SSHE regarding SSHE Requirements for New Programs
    2. Course proposals for any new courses included in the new program.
    3. Intended implementation date (semester and year).

    Part IV. Letters of Support or Acknowledgement

    1. Attach letters from interested or affected departments including a letter from the Liberal Studies Committee.
    2. A letter from the Provost’s Office indicating that the program has been reviewed by the Chancellor’s Office.

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