Liberal Studies Proposal Submission Guidelines

  • All curriculum proposals for Liberal Studies follow the procedures outlined in the University-Wide Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UWUCC) curriculum handbook. New and revised Liberal Studies courses and revisions to the Liberal Studies portion of any program also come to the Liberal Studies Committee for review, and are forwarded for action to the UWUCC and University Senate.

    This list is intended to assist you in developing your course to meet IUP's Criteria for Liberal Studies and to arrange your proposal in a standard order for consideration by the Liberal Studies Committee (LSC) and the University-Wide Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

    New or revised course proposal must include:

    1. One copy of the course syllabus (in UWUCC Syllabus of Record Format), with signed curriculum proposal coversheet attached to the Liberal Studies Office (See Appendix B UWUCC Curriculum Handbook)
    2. Assignment instructions for one of the major course assignments and a grading rubric or grading criteria for that assignment
    3. One sheet of paper for your answers to the four questions listed on the Liberal Studies Course Approval General Information page

    New or revised program proposals must include: 

    1. One copy of the proposal, following the UWUCC guidelines, with signed cover sheet attached, to the Liberal Studies Office.
    2. Syllabi for new or revised courses that are part of the program revision must also be included.

    Note: If this is a new course not previously approved by the University Senate, you need to provide answers to the UWUCC Course Analysis Questionnaire. These are not considered by the LSC but will be forwarded to the UWUCC along with the rest of the proposal after the LSC completes its review. For information on UWUCC procedures for new courses or course revisions, see appropriate sections of this Handbook.

    Submit the original of the completed proposal to the Liberal Studies Office (103 Stabley). In addition to the signed hard copy, email the proposal as a Word or RTF file attachment to

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    Please see Appendix B for specific instructions, checklists, and criteria. 

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