Liberal Studies Approval for Courses

  • Courses that are intended for the Liberal Studies program must be approved by the Liberal Studies Committee who will forward its recommendation to the UWUCC, which will act on the proposal and submit the course for Senate approval.

    Departments may apply for Liberal Studies approval at the same time they are submitting new course proposals or course revision proposals to the UWUCC. To do so, they complete the Liberal Studies form, attach it to the proposal prepared for the UWUCC, and send one (1) copy to the Liberal Studies Office, 103 Stabley.

    Departments may also apply for Liberal Studies approval of an existing course that already has Senate approval. In this case, (1) the original signed UWUCC curriculum proposal cover sheet, (2) syllabus in UWUCC format, and (3) Liberal Studies course approval check sheet are submitted. Assemble these parts and send the original copy to the Liberal Studies Office, 103 Stabley.

    Note: Proposals for writing-intensive courses are prepared on different forms. See the Writing Across the Curriculum section of this handbook.

    Copies of all Liberal Studies criteria, forms and check-lists are included in the appendix of this handbook and are also available on the Liberal Studies website.

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