• Universitywide Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook
    A Guide to the Undergraduate Curriculum Approval Process at IUP
    Fall 2011

    The purpose of this handbook is to help the IUP community understand the procedures by which curricular changes are made and to assist departments in preparing proposals for approval.

    The University-Wide Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UWUCC) is responsible for degree requirements and all matters relating to undergraduate programs and curricula except as relegated to the charge of another Senate committee. Membership on the committee includes the vice president for Academic Affairs (ex-officio), twelve faculty members elected by the faculty as a whole to serve on UWUCC and be at-large members of Senate, an additional faculty member appointed as co-chair by the APSCUF president, and three students appointed by and from the Student Congress. The role of the APSCUF co-chair is to facilitate communication between the UWUCC and APSCUF leadership about curricular matters, including attendance at Executive and Representative Council meetings. Each college in the university is represented on the UWUCC.

    Curriculum proposals are developed by faculty. Proposals receive approvals at various levels as identified in this handbook. Once the proposal is ready for review by the UWUCC, the proposer is to send the original, complete copy of the proposal, with all appropriate signatures, to the Liberal Studies office, 103 Stabley, as well as an electronic copy sent by e-mail (

    All proposals are reviewed for clarity and completeness. Special emphasis is placed on the academic integrity of the proposed changes and the availability of adequate resources to support them. Use of the guidelines included in this handbook facilitates the review and approval process.

    Proposals are logged in at the time they are received and assigned to a screening committee (subcommittees of the UWUCC). The screening committee is responsible for completing an initial review of the proposal, primarily to assess the proposal for completeness. Often, a member of the screening committee will contact the proposer with some initial questions and requests. Once the screening committee determines that the proposal is ready for full committee review, the proposal is placed on the UWUCC agenda. The UWUCC typically meets weekly throughout the academic year except on weeks that the full Senate is in session.

    As the UWUCC reviews a proposal, additional questions and requests may be raised and directed to the proposer. In some cases, the proposer is invited to a UWUCC meeting to present the proposal to the committee and respond to questions. Once the proposal is approved by the UWUCC it is placed on the Senate agenda. The proposer may be asked to assist with the preparation of the Senate agenda by providing the UWUCC with a disk copy of the agenda item. Additionally, the proposer, or a department representative familiar with the proposal, is encouraged to attend the Senate meeting at which time the proposer/representative can assist the Senate in its deliberations by responding to questions and comments. If substantive changes to the proposal are made on the Senate floor, as determined by an representative of the originating department/college or by the UWUCC cochair, the UWUCC will return the proposal to the originator for possible resubmission.

    The proposer is also responsible for providing the UWUCC with a final, corrected, and complete copy of the proposal for the university records.

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