Introduction to Liberal Studies

  • This section is intended to serve as a guide for faculty and departments in their efforts to develop courses for the Liberal Studies curriculum.

    It is necessary for this program to meet the goals of the university and to provide a comprehensive curriculum that will provide all IUP students the opportunity to meet the Expected Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes. This is the objective of the Liberal Studies program as a whole, but not the responsibility of individual courses. No one course or program is expected to meet all of the Student Learning Outcomes.

    When developing curriculum proposals, individual faculty members and departments should review the Expected Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes and define them as appropriate to their courses and departmental goals. Specific terms included in the outcomes should be defined as appropriate to the course content or disciplinary area. This is particularly important in cases where multiple sections of a course are offered and being taught by different faculty members. These instructors will need to agree on how these student learning outcomes are defined within their courses.

    Proposals will need to include a justification for the exclusion of an Expected Undergraduate Student Learning Outcome (in whole or in part) that has been designated as “required” in a particular course or curricular category.

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