Format for Requesting New Course Proposals

  • University-Wide Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook

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    Part I.  Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet 

    Part II.  Description of Curricular Change

    1. Syllabus of record, including catalog description with course title, class and lab hour designation*, number of credits, prerequisites and an appropriately written course description.
    2. Course Analysis Questionnaire.  Detailed answers to each of the questions must be included in the proposal. It is helpful if you phrase each response within the context of the question. Please refer to Sample Syllabus in the appendix.

    Part III. Letters of Support or Acknowledgement

    Attach letters from interested or affected departments/programs.

    Please Number All Pages

    *e.g., 3c-0l-3cr means 3 class hours per week, no lab hours, and 3 credits; 3c-3l-4cr means 3 class hours per week, 3 lab hours per week, and 4 credits 

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