For Assistance with Course Design and Approval

  • For matters relating to Liberal Studies Criteria and Procedures:

    • Director, Liberal Studies

    For matters relating to Honors College Criteria and Procedures:

    • Director, Honors College

    For matters relating to University Senate approval:

    • Co-Chairperson, UWUCC
    • Provost/Liberal Studies

    For matters relating to pedagogy and general course design:

    • Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

    For matters relating to gender and minority inclusion in courses:

    • Director, Women's Studies
    • Director, Asian Studies
    • Director, Latin American Studies
    • Director, Pan African Studies

    Printed materials available from the Liberal Studies Office:

    Introduction, Guidelines and Criteria for Liberal Studies Courses at IUP. Guidelines for courses in each category of the LS curriculum, as adopted by the University Senate in 2010.

    Inclusion of Gender and Minority Issues in Liberal Studies Courses. Suggestions from Liberal Studies, Women's Studies, and Minority Affairs on ways to include the perspectives and contributions of women and minorities in courses.

    Liberal Studies Course Approval Form. Instructions and check-lists for Learning Skill and Knowledge Area courses (not to be used for Writing-intensive courses).

    Writing-Intensive Courses at IUP. Forms, information, and sample proposals.