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    As departments reorganize and revise their curricula, it often becomes necessary to eliminate courses, programs or parts of programs. There are many factors that may make course or program deletions necessary. Perhaps enrollment patterns have declined dramatically or the mission of the university, with respect to a specific program, has changed. It may be that the needs of a particular discipline have evolved or that accrediting agencies have dictated program revisions.

    In any case, all deletions of courses, minors, tracks or concentrations within majors, or major programs, must receive the approval of the UWUCC and the Senate. Depending upon the nature of the deletion, the change may, in addition, need the approval of the provost, on behalf of the president, and the Council of Trustees. The chancellor of the State System of Higher Education may also need to be informed of the change.

    While the procedures may vary, all deletions follow the same format.

    The departments should regularly review their courses to see if deletions are appropriate, particularly at times of program review.

    Inactive Status

    As a regular part of the curriculum review process, the catalog editor, in consultation with the department chairperson and college dean, will remove from the undergraduate catalog and the active course description file all of the courses not offered during the previous five years. These courses, though not appearing in the catalog, will not be deleted from the appended course file but will be placed in an inactive file that will be maintained by the Office of the Registrar. At any time, a department may activate an inactive course by including it in their course offerings. Courses will be returned to publication and to the active course description file when circumstances permit the course to be scheduled. Courses that are reactivated will not need to be approved by the UWUCC.

    Format for Requesting Course Deletions

    Part I. Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet

    Part II. Description of the Curriculum Change

    1. An exact statement of what is to be deleted
    2. Justification/Rationale
    3. A description of how this change will affect existing courses, programs, etc. and how the deletion(s) will affect students currently enrolled in the program

    Part III. Letters of Support or Acknowledgement

    Attach letters from interested or affected departments.

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    Procedures for Approval of a Course Deletion

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    1. Department Approval (Curriculum Committee Chair and Department Chair)
    2. College Curriculum Committee Approval
    3. College Dean Approval
    4. If not Liberal Studies, if not Honors College - UWUCC Approval
    5. If Honors College - Honors College Committee Recommendation for Course Deletion, if appropriate
    6. If Liberal Studies - Liberal Studies Committee Recommendation for Course Deletion, if appropriate
    7. Senate Approval
    8. Catalog Change Implemented by Catalog Editor

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