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    It is not unusual for a course to evolve into something quite different from the course approved by the Senate. When this occurs, however, it is important for the department to have the revised course approved by the UWUCC and the Senate. A course revision must be submitted:

    1. when the number of credits for the course has changed
    2. when a change in the mix of lecture/lab/practice hours occurs
    3. when the syllabus of record (Appendix A) has changed. This does not include normal updating to keep abreast of the field or course readings.
    4. a course revision may be required if a prerequisite change alters course content. If a prerequisite change does not change the course content, a catalog description change may be used instead. Note that the UWUCC reserves the right to question whether the prerequisite change requested should be accomplished with a course revision instead of just a catalog description change.

    Additionally, course revisions that include a change of credits or prerequisites, where those changes also affect program requirements, may also make a program revision necessary.

    If a department is in doubt about whether a course should be submitted to the UWUCC as a revised course, it should seek the advice of a co-chairperson of the UWUCC.

    When preparing a course revision that will be cross-listed with other departments, the UWUCC asks that only one person be listed as the contact person. The Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet should list all department abbreviations for the course on the appropriate line. The signature page should include the signatures of department curriculum committee chairs, department chairs of all involved departments and the appropriate college(s). The course revision should include an explanation of how consistency of the course will be maintained across multiple departments with the expectation that a common syllabus will be used in each situation.

    Course Revision to Meet Liberal Studies Criteria

    If a course is being revised so it is acceptable in the Liberal Studies Program, it must receive the recommendation of the Liberal Studies Committee before it is acted on by the UWUCC. The Liberal Studies Course Approval Form and check sheets are included in the appendix of this handbook and will assist you in determining if your revised course meets the criteria for courses in the Liberal Studies Program.

    Sometimes a course does not need to undergo a revision to meet Liberal Studies criteria; a department simply needs to verify that the course does indeed meet the criteria. In this case, you submit the Liberal Studies Course Approval Form and an appropriate check sheet to the Liberal Studies Committee for approval.

    Course Revision to Meet Honors College Criteria

    If a course is being revised so it is acceptable in the Honors College Program, it must receive the recommendation of the Honors College Committee before it is acted on by the UWUCC. The Honors College Course Approval Form and check sheets are included in the appendix of this handbook and will assist you in determining if your revised course meets the criteria for courses in the Honors College Program.

    Course Revision that Includes the Use of Distance Education

    Procedure to Prepare an Existing Undergraduate Course for Distance Education Format

    1. Prior to development of your distance education course, verify such matters as funding for preparation stipend, workload arrangement, and scheduling with dean of college or the associate provost. There is no need to submit a budget sheet with this proposal.
    2. Assuming the faculty member has received some general training in the use of the learning management system, he/she should arrange a meeting with an instructional design specialist to plan a distance education course.
    3. Download the undergraduate distance education proposal/approval form for existing courses.
    4. Course proposal for review must consist of the following:
      1. A brief narrative rationale for each of the items A-1 to A-5.
      2. The current official syllabus of record for the course that includes the official catalog description and prerequisites.
      3. The instructor developed on-line version of the syllabus that includes the official catalog description and prerequisites. Please note: some students may live several hundred miles from main campus and must be accommodated.
      4. A sample lesson from the distance education version of the course.
    5. The thirty-day review process begins when the signed proposal is received by the Liberal Studies office, Stabley 103. If the proposal is complete, it will be placed on the next available UWUCC agenda. If items are missing, the proposer(s) will be asked for additional materials. The proposal will be rejected if the additional items are not received in thirty days or if the UWUCC does not approve the proposal within thirty days of its receipt.
    6. Information copies shall be sent to:
      1. College Curriculum Committee
      2. Associate Provost
      3. Chair of Graduate Committee (if dual level)
    7. Once approved, the Office of Distance Learning and Continuing Education will assist with the following:
      1. Adding logistics information under the course description on the Distance Education website.
      2. Preparing your “welcome letter” to be mailed to registrants.
    8. Be sure to arrange with your department to list the course on Banner for registration and order textbooks.

    See Appendix D (Implementation of Distance Education Article #42)

    Course Revision to Establish Dual-Level Course

    A dual-level course revision is approved by the UWUCC, who will then submit it to the Graduate Committee. Use the UWUCC cover sheet for both committees. Prepare one syllabus of record for both committees designating any specific graduate outcomes, assignments, readings, etc. (remember that graduate students do not have a D grade). Approval of a dual-level course by the UWUCC does not mean that the course will be approved by the Graduate Committee.

    Format for Course Revisions

    Part I. Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet

    Part II. Description of the Curriculum Change

    1. New syllabus of record, including catalog description with course title, number of credits, class and lab hour designation*, prerequisites, an appropriately written course description, and an updated bibliography. (Syllabus of Record Format and Appendix A.)
    2. A summary of the proposed revisions
    3. Justification/rationale for the revision
    4. The old syllabus of record
    5. Liberal Studies course approval form and checklist (if appropriate)

    Part III. Letters of Support or Acknowledgment

    Attach letters from interested or affected departments/programs.

    Please Number All Pages

    *e.g., 3c-0l-3cr means 3 class hours per week, no lab hours, and 3 credits; 3c-3l-4cr means 3 class hours per week, 3 lab hours per week, and 4 credits

    Procedures for Approval of a Course Revision

     (View flow chart)

    1. Department Approval (Curriculum Committee Chair and Department Chair)
    2. College Curriculum Committee Approval
    3. College Dean Approval
    4. If not Liberal Studies, if not Honors College - UWUCC Approval
    5. If Honors College - Honors College Committee Recommendation, if appropriate
    6. If Liberal Studies - Liberal Studies Committee Recommendation, if appropriate
    7. Senate Approval
    8. Catalog Change Implemented by Catalog Editor

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