Course Name, Number, and Prefix Changes

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    All changes in course titles or numbers must receive the approval of the department curriculum committee, the department chairperson, the appropriate college committee, the College Dean, UWUCC, and the Senate.

    Before selecting a new course number, please check the list of Unavailable Course Numbers. Or, visit the Registrar website, choose For Faculty from the menu column, then click on Course Information, then click on the Comprehensive Course Numbers link.

    When requesting a number change, keep in mind that some numbers are reserved for special uses. The University Senate has restricted the use of the following course numbers:

    • 000-099 institutional credits
    • 100-499 undergraduate credits
    • 281 special topics for lower level undergraduate courses
    • 299 co-op education initial experience
    • 399 co-op education subsequent experience
    • 480 seminar
    • 481 special topics for upper level undergraduate courses
    • 482 independent study
    • 483 undergraduate thesis
    • 488 internship (alternate number)
    • 493 internship
    • 500-999 graduate credits
    • 581 special topics for graduate level courses
    • 599 independent study
    • 681 special topics for graduate level courses
    • 698 internships
    • 699 independent study
    • 781 special topics for graduate level courses
    • 795 graduate thesis
    • 798 internships
    • 799 independent study
    • 995 dissertation

    In general, a course number should also correspond to the class of the students for whom the course is intended:

    • 100 numbers for freshman courses
    • 200 numbers for sophomore courses
    • 300 numbers for junior courses
    • 400 numbers for senior courses

    In addition, course numbers 483-489 are primarily restricted to courses that may be repeated for credit.

    Format for Requesting Name, Number, or Prefix* Changes

    Part I. Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet

    Part II. Description of Curriculum Change

    1. A complete catalog description with the new number, title, number of credits, class and lab hour designation*, prerequisites, and an appropriately written course description.
    2. A listing of the proposed change(s) giving the old title and number and the new title and number.
    3. Justification/rationale for the change(s).

    Part III. Letters of Support or Acknowledgement

    Attach letters as needed from interested or affected departments/ programs. See page 3 for guidelines.

    Please Number All Pages

    E.g., 3c-0l-3cr means 3 class hours per week, no lab hours, and 3 credits; 3c-3l-4cr means 3 class hours per week, 3 lab hours per week, and 4 credits

    *Prefix Changes

    Each academic department has a prefix code, and this prefix code is tied in to the mapping of course subjects, departmental budgets, and faculty workload. Even though a department wishes to make a name change, the department prefix code should remain unchanged, unless the department is undergoing such a radical change that the prefix is impossible to associate with the new department name. As department names and department codes must be kept for historical transcript purposes, any department who is considering a change in prefix code should contact the Registrar’s Office to see what prefix codes are available for use.

    Likewise, every course taught at IUP has a subject prefix code, and this subject prefix must be tracked for prerequisite checking and for mapping of courses back to departments. When a course prefix code is changed, prior courses with the old prefix must be inactivated and courses with new prefix made active. All prerequisites must be modified and equivalencies established. Before a department makes a decision to change the course subject prefix code, it should consult the Registrar’s Office to see what areas will be impacted by the change. The timing of any of these changes is crucial, as there must be a defined end date for the old prefix, a defined start term for the new replacement prefix, and registrations and pre-requisite checking must match the start term of the new prefix code. The UWUCC will only approve prefix changes that it decides are absolutely necessary.

    Procedures for Approval of Name, Number or Prefix Changes

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    1. Department Approval (Curriculum Committee Chair and Department Chair)
    2. College Curriculum Committee Approval
    3. College Dean Approval
    4. UWUCC Approval (Honors College if appropriate and Liberal Studies if appropriate)
    5. Senate Approval
    6. Catalog Change Implemented by Catalog Editor

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