Changes in the Undergraduate Catalog

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    Each year the office of the catalog editor will ask departments to review the catalog copy for each program and course offered. Only minor, incidental editorial changes in the catalog copy should be made at this time. All other revisions must be reviewed by the UWUCC. For copy revision only, see the Handbook sections on Course and Catalog Description Changes. Revisions involving actual changes in course content, syllabus of record, or degree requirements, require a proposal for a course revision (page 18) or program revision (page 70) (see Handbook sections).

    Writing Catalog Copy

    One part of the format for proposing any curriculum change is a section that asks the department to include, as part of the proposal, a new catalog description that reflects the proposed change. While the catalog editor uses the Senate minutes to make these changes, it is the responsibility of each department to write the initial copy. Departments that need assistance in writing catalog copy should seek advice from the office of the catalog editor in the Registrar’s office. The catalog editor may need to edit copy for consistency of style and appropriate length. All such changes will be made in consultation with the department.

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