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    Because information contained in the university catalog is, in essence, a contract with the student, it is important that a catalog description accurately reflect the purpose, content and special resource requirements of a course.

    All substantive changes in catalog descriptions must be reviewed by the UWUCC. Minor editorial changes in the course description, those, for example, which reflect a revision of terminology used in the course, may accompany a request to change a course number or title or they may be submitted independently if no other changes are desired. The format used and procedure followed for making course description changes are identical to those used for making name and number changes.

    Format for Requesting Catalog Description Changes
    [May be used for prerequisite changes when course content is not altered.**]

    Part I.   Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet 

    Part II.  Description of Curriculum Change

    1. A complete catalog description including the course name, class and lab hour designation*, number of credits, the prerequisites, and the new course description. 
    2. A listing of the proposed change including the complete old catalog description.  
    3. Justification/rationale for the change.

    Part III. Letters of Support or Acknowledgement

    Attach letters from interested or affected departments.
    (See page 3 for guidelines.)

    Please Number All Pages

    *e.g., 3c-0l-3cr means 3 class hours per week, no lab hours, and 3 credits; 3c-3l-4cr means 3 class hours per week, 3 lab hours per week, and 4 credits

    **Note that the UWUCC reserves the right to question whether the prerequisite change requested should be accomplished with a course revision instead of just a catalog description change.

    Procedures for Approval of Catalog Description Changes

    (View flow chart)

    1. Department Approval (Curriculum Committee Chair and Department Chair)
    2. College Curriculum Committee Approval
    3. College Dean Approval
    4. UWUCC Approval (Honors College, if appropriate, and Liberal Studies, if appropriate)
    5. Senate Approval
    6. Catalog Change Implemented by Catalog Editor

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