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The doctoral program in School Psychology is a comprehensive program encompassing a minimum of 105 graduate credits. Of this total, 39 credits (13 courses) are included in the sequence of required courses and field experiences leading to the Supervisor of Pupil Services certificate.

These courses are as follows:

EDEX 650 Education of Exceptional Persons and Youth

EDSP 717 (previously EDSP 616) Applied Educational Research Methods

EDSP 811 (previously EDSP 711) Introduction to School Psychology

EDSP 812 (previously EDSP 712) Assessment for Intervention I

EDSP 813 (previously EDSP 713) Assessment for Intervention II

EDSP 915 (previously EDSP 715) Doctoral Seminar in Applied Educational Research

EDSP 818 (previously EDSP 718) Instructional Consultation

EDSP 949 (previously EDSP 750) Practicum II

EDSP 952 (previously EDSP 751) Internship – doctoral school

EDSP 964 (previously EDSP 764) Seminar in School Psychology I

EDSP 965 (previously EDSP 765) Seminar in School Psychology II

EDSP 977 (previously EDSP 777) Seminar in Family-School Relations

EDSP 981 (previously EDSP 781) Special Topics in Supervision of Pupil Services (Elective)

Students in the doctoral program in School Psychology, both current students and recent graduates, typically take five of these courses (15 credits) during their specialist training program, and eight of the courses (24 credits) during their post-certification doctoral program. Two of the courses, EDSP 949 and 952 (previously EDSP 750 and 751) are practicum and internship experiences that will include specific performance outcomes in the area of the supervision of pupil services. Candidates for the Supervisory Certification must take Supervisory Practicum II, EDSP 949 (previously EDSP 750) as a post-certification practicum, in which they supervise specialist trainees. (Taking EDSP 949, previously EDSP 750 at the pre-certification specialist level does not count toward the Supervisory Certificate.)

For students who apply to IUP for the certification program for Supervisor of Pupil Services, but who have not previously matriculated in the doctoral program in School Psychology at IUP, a credential and experiential review will be conducted. If courses that are overlapping with IUP courses have been taken, some of these courses may be credited toward the certification. However, all students will need to take at minimum the EDSP 949-952, previously EDSP 750-751 sequence (6 credits), as well as EDSP 981, previously EDSP 781, so that the performance aspects of the program can be accomplished. An advisement sheet, reflecting the program requirements, for all candidates is attached.

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