PhD in School Psychology: Sample Course Sequence, Summer Program

  • Please note that this course sequence reflects our DEd in School Psychology, which was designed for working professionals in the field. We will update this page with information about our new PhD in School Psychology shortly.

    This sample sequence of courses starts after the candidate completes a specialist program in school psychology either at IUP or another accredited university. Summer sessions run for 10 weeks from the first Monday in June. This schedule is approximate and may differ for individual candidates. 

    Summer, Year 1

    EDSP 964 Seminar in School Psychology I  

    EDSP 942 Neuropsychology of Children’s Learning Disorders  

    EDSP 965 Seminar in School Psychology II 

    EDSP 966 Educational and Psychopharmacological Issues Associated with Child Neuropsychology

    Summer, Year 2  

    EDSP 817 Applied Educational Research Methods 

    EDSP 977 Seminar in Family-School Relations  

    EDSP 915 Doctoral Seminar in Applied Research 

    EDSP 978 Family Services for School Related Problems of Children with Special Needs

    Fall–spring, Year 2–3

    EDSP 995 Dissertation (6 credits) - optional  

    Summer, Year 3

    EDSP 916 Doctoral Seminar in Advanced Educational Research 

    EDSP 949 Practicum II (Supervisory) 

    PSYC 810  History of Psychology (may take elsewhere) 

    EDSP 975 Supervision of Pupil Services (optional)  

    Fall–spring, Year 3–4

    EDSP 952  Doctoral School Internship (1600 hours, 6 credits)  

    After completion of course work:  

    Doctoral Comprehensive Exam (take within one year of completion of last course)  

    After completion of comprehensive exam:

    EDSP 995  Dissertation (3–9 credits)