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Share Your Skills, Educate the Next Generation

With the MS in Nursing/Education track, you’ll gain the teaching expertise to guide the next generation of nurses, helping them learn about new breakthroughs and technology.

Your role may also include educating patients or guiding nursing staff development in a variety of academic and health care settings.

MS in Nursing/Education Track: Prepare for New Role as a Teacher

The 36-credit nursing education track is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

You’ll be fully prepared to assume an advanced-practice nursing role as an educator. The coursework also builds the foundation for your doctoral studies.

Upon completion of the degree the student is prepared to:

  • Provide leadership that influences and contributes to the advancement of the nursing profession.
  • Synthesize advanced skills and scientific knowledge into advanced nursing practice roles.
  • Utilize new knowledge to provide high-quality health care, initiate change, and improve the practice of nursing.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of advanced nursing practice initiatives.

Nursing Education Course Requirements

Course work builds on the knowledge and skills gained in a basic nursing education program. It provides the theoretical and practical knowledge required for advanced nursing practice in diverse settings within a rapidly changing health care system. Nurse educators assume responsibility as nurse educators, patient educators, or nursing staff development in a variety of academic and health care settings.  

All courses below marked with a star (*) are online courses, while the remaining courses serve as hybrid courses. The hybrid courses also state when they will meet in person on campus.

Nursing Education Track (36 cr.)

Graduate Nursing Core (21 cr.)

NURS 610* – Health Promotion and Social Issues 3 cr.
NURS/HSAD 614* – Health Policy 3 cr.
NURS 619* – Leadership Strategies in Nursing 3 cr.
NURS 622 – The Practice of Nursing Research I (Meets first and third weeks) 3 cr.
NURS 623 – The Practice of Nursing Research II (Meets second, fourth, and twelfth weeks) 3 cr.
NURS 628 – Advanced Professional Role Development (Meets first and third weeks) 3 cr.
Elective* 6 cr.

Nursing Education Track Courses (12 cr.)

NURS 722 – Measurement and Evaluation in Nursing Education (Meets first and third weeks) 3 cr.
NURS 723* – Program Development in Nursing Education 3 cr.
NURS 725* – Teaching Strategies for Nursing Curricula 3 cr.
NURS 743* – Nursing Education Practicum 3 cr.

Students may choose electives from IUP courses that are appropriate for their needs and interests and are approved by their advisor as they work toward meeting the program objectives. Three credits of NURS 795 Thesis may be substituted for electives. Students who choose the thesis option may graduate with more than the required 36 credits.

Hybrid courses will meet on Mondays from 6:00–9:00 p.m. NURS 623 will meet from 6:00–8:00 p.m. on the specified weeks. Summer courses being taught over six weeks will meet the first and third weeks from 6:00–9:00 p.m. NURS 623 will be taught over the full summer and will meet from 6:00–8:00 p.m. on the specified weeks.

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