University Senate Research Committee Membership

  • Membership 2015–16 AY

    The University Senate Research Committee shall consist of members representing each of the six colleges and university services:

    1. Business and Information Technology
    2. Education and Educational Technology
    3. Fine Arts
    4. Health and Human Services
    5. Humanities and Social Sciences
    6. Natural Sciences and Mathematics
    7. University Services

    Term 2014–16

    Education and Educational Technology
     Lorraine Guth
    Fine Arts
    Michael Schwartz 
    Health and Human Services
    Jennifer Gossett
    University Services
    Todd Van Wieren

    Term 2015–16

    Humanities and Social Sciences
     Shijuan Liu    

    Term 2015–17

    Business and Information Technology
     Lisa Sciulli         
    Natural Sciences and Mathematics
     Anne Kondo


    School of Graduate Studies and Research   
     Hilliary Creely