• Audit Policy
    Students who audit courses have the opportunity to attend classes, but will not receive a grade or credit for the course.
    Active Duty
    IUP Policy for enrolled students called to active military service
    D-F Repeat
    Please see the Undergraduate Catalog to review the Course Repeat Policy for D and F grades.
    Excess Credits
    Undergraduate and graduate students wishing to enroll in additional credits must obtain approval from the college dean.
    The final examination week is part of the regular academic program and must be incorporated into each instructor’s course plan for the semester.
    Grade Appeal Policy
    The Grade Appeal Policy provides a mechanism for grade review under conditions associated specifically with discrimination or with capricious evaluation.
    The Pass/Fail Policy gives undergraduate students the option of taking a course for credit but without quality points.
    Pre-approved Coursework
    Students enrolled at IUP who wish to take coursework at another institution (either during the summer or regular semesters) must complete the proper application prior to taking the course(s).
    Information about residency classification
    University Withdrawal Policies