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Program Codes for E-mail Lists of Students

  • Undergraduate Program Codes

    Graduate Program Codes

    Minors Program Codes

    Undergraduate Program Codes
    Program Program Description
    ACCT Accounting, BS
    BUSA-ACCT-AA Business/Accounting, AA
    ALIB American Language Inst Bridge
    ANTH-ARCH Anthropology/Archaeology, BA
    ANTH-APPL Anthropology/Applied, BA
    ANTH Anthropology, BA
    SSED-ANTH Social Science Ed/Anthro, BSEd
    ART-STUDIO Art/Studio, BA
    ART-HIST Art/History, BA
    ARST-BFA Art Studio, BFA
    ARED Art Education, BSEd
    BIOL-CMBI Biology/Cell and Molecular, BS
    BIED Biology Education, BSEd
    BIOL-BS Biology, BS
    BIOL-PMED Biology/Pre-Medical, BS
    BIOL-PVET Biology/Pre-Veterinary, BS
    ENVH Environmental Health Science, BS
    BIOL-FMED Biology/Pre-Family Medicine, BS
    BIOL-BA Biology, BA
    HRMG&MGMT Human Res Mgmt and Mgmt/Gnrl
    MGMT&HRMG Mgmt/Gnrl and Human Res Mgmt
    UNDC-VET Undclared Degree Seek Veteran
    UNCL-CE Unclassified Continuing Educ
    UNDC-CE Undeclared Continuing Educ
    E-UNIV Western PA Electronic University
    TCED-CERT Teacher Education Certification
    UNCL-GEXT General Extension
    UNDC-HSG Undc Degree Seek High Sch Grad
    UNCL-SC Unclassified Senior Citizen
    UNCL-HS High School Student, ND
    UNDC-CET Degree Seeking Con Ed Transfer
    UNCL-ENR Enrichment, ND
    UNCL-POST Unclassified Post Bac
    CHED Chemistry Education, BSEd
    CHEM-PMED-BS Chemistry/Pre-Medical, BS
    CHEM-PMED-BA Chemistry/Pre-Medical, BA
    CHEM-BS Chemistry, BS
    CHEM-BA Chemistry, BA
    COMM Communications Media, BS
    COSC-INAS Computer Sci/Info Assurance, BS
    COSC-APPL Computer Sci/Applied, BS
    COSC-BA Computer Science, BA
    COSC-LGSY Computer Sci/Lang and System, BS
    CRIM-HH-PLAW Criminology/Pre-Law, BA
    CRIM-HH Criminology, BA
    GNSTU-AA General Studies, AA
    GNSTU-BS General Studies, BS
    UNDC-BU Undeclared Business
    SSED-ECON Social Studies Ed/Econ, BSEd
    ECON-PLAW Economics/Pre-Law, BA
    ECMA-HS Economics/Mathematics-HS, BA
    ECON Economics, BA
    UNDC-ED Undeclared Education
    ENGL-PLAW English/ Pre-Law, BA
    ENGL English, BA
    ENGE English Education, BSEd
    INFA-MUTH Interdisciplinary Fine Art, Music Theater, BA
    INFA Interdisciplinary Fine Art, BA
    INFA-DART Interdisciplinary Fine Art, Dance Arts, BA
    UNDC-FA Undeclared Fine Arts
    NUTN Nutrition, BS
    NUTN-DIET Nutrition/Dietetics, BS
    FIN Finance, BS
    FRNE French Education, BSEd
    FRNC French, BA
    FRIT French for Internat Trade, BA
    GEOL Geology, BS
    GEOL-ENVR Geology, Environmental, BS
    ESPE Earth and Space Science Ed, BSEd
    RGPL-ENVP Regional Plan/Environ Plan, BS
    RGPL-LGIS Regional Planning/Land Use and GIS, BS
    SSED-GEOG Social Studies Ed/Geog, BSEd
    RGPL-UNDC Regional Planning, Undeclared
    GEOG-GISC Geography/GIS Cartographer, BA
    GEOG-ENVG Geography/Environ Geog, BA
    GEOG-ECON Geography/Econ Geographer, BA
    GEOG-BA Geography, BA
    GMIT German for Internat Trade, BA
    GRMN German, BA
    GMED German Education, BSEd
    INDS Interior Design, BS
    FSMR Fashion Merchandising, BS
    CDFR Child and Family Studies
    FCSE Family and Consumer Sci Ed, BSEd
    UNDC-HH Undeclared Health and Human Serv
    HIST History, BA
    HIST-PLAW History/Pre-Law, BA
    SSED-HIST Social Studies Ed/Hist, BSEd
    PESP Physical Education and Sport, BS
    ATHL Athletic Training, BS
    HPED Health and Phys Educ, BSEd
    PESP-SPAD Phys Ed and Sport/Sport Admn, BS
    PESP-AQUA Phys Ed and Sport/Aquatics, BS
    PESP-EXSC Phys Ed and Sport/Exer Sci, BS
    HRIM Hospitality Management
    UNDC-HS Undeclared Human & Soc Science
    SPAN_&_ITST Spanish and International Studies
    RLST&ITST Religious and International Studies
    JRNL_&_ENGL Journalism and English, BA
    CRIM&ECON Criminology and Economics
    ASIA Asian Studies
    CRIM&RLST Criminology and Religious Studies
    JRNL Journalism, BA
    MAED Math Education, BSEd
    MATH Mathematics, BS
    ECMA-NM Economics/Mathematics-NM, BA
    APMA Applied Math, BS
    MGMT-CCAC Management/CCAC, BS
    INTB International Business, BS
    MGMT-ESBU Management/Entre and Sm Bus, BS
    MGMT-GNRL Management/General, BS
    MGMT-OPRN Management/Operations, BS
    HRMG Human Resource Management, BS
    MKTG Marketing
    MIS Mgmt Information Systems, BS
    MUPF-BFA Music Performance, BFA
    MUSC-TCMP Music/Theory and Composition, BA
    MUSC-BA Music, BA
    MUED Music Education, BSEd
    MUSC-HILT Music/History and Literature, BA
    BIOL&NATSCI Biology and Natural Science
    NASC-PDNT Natural Sci/Pre-Dental, BS
    UNDC-NM Undeclared Nat Sciences and Math
    NASC-SDR Nat Sci/Sci for Disaster Response
    BIOC Biochemistry, BS
    NASC-PCHR Natural Sci/Pre-Chiropract, BS
    NASC-PENG Natural Sci/Pre-Engineer, BS
    NASC-POPT Natural Sci/Pre-Optometry, BS
    NASC-PPHR Natural Science/Pre-Pharm, BS
    NASC-PPOD Natural Sci/Pre-Podiatry, BS
    NASC-PPTH Natural Sci/Pre-Phys Ther, BS
    NASC-BS Natural Science, BS
    GERONTOLOGY Gerontology Certificate
    NURS-LPN Nursing / for LPNs
    CLSC Clinical Laboratory Science, BS
    RESP Respiratory Care, BS
    NURS-RN Nursing / RNs
    NURS Nursing, BS
    NMDT Nuclear Medicine Tech, BS
    RESP-CRT Respiratory Care/for CRTs
    PHIL Philosophy, BA
    PHIL-PLAW Philosophy/Pre-Law, BA
    APPY-NMT Applied Physics/Nanomanufact, BS
    APPY-EOPT Applied Physics/Electro-Optics, BS
    EOPT-AAS Electro-Optics, AAS
    APPY Applied Physics
    EOPT-AS Electro-Optics, AS
    PYED Physics Education, BSEd
    PHYS-BA Physics, BA
    PHYS-BS Physics, BS
    PHYS-PENG-DX Physics/Pre-Enginr Drexel,Coop
    ITST International Studies, BA
    PLSC Political Science, BA
    GPSV Government and Public Serv, BA
    PLSC-PLAW Political Science/Pre-Law, BA
    ELED Elementary Education, BSEd
    ELED_OR_ECED ELED (ECED PreK-Gr6 Candidate)
    ECP6 Early Childhood/PreK-Gr6, BSEd
    ELED-URBN Elementary Education/Urban
    ELED-CCAC Elementary Education/CCAC
    PSYC Psychology, BA
    PSYC-APPL Psychology/Applied, BA
    PSYC-H Honors Program in Psychology
    RLST Religious Studies, BA
    SAFE Safety Sciences, BS
    DISB Disability Services, BS
    EDHL Deaf Education
    EDEX Ed of Exceptional Persons, BSEd
    SPLE Speech-Language Path, BSEd
    SOC Sociology/General, BA
    SOC-APSR Sociology/Applied Soc Rsch, BA
    SOC-HMSV Sociology/Human Services, BA
    SSED-SOC Social Science Ed/Soc, BSEd
    SOC-DISB Sociology/Disability Services, BA
    SPAN Spanish, BA
    SPIT Spanish for International Trade, BA
    SPAE Spanish Education, BSEd
    THTR Theater, BA
    BUSA-COIS-AA Business/Computer Info Tech, AA
    BTST Business Technology Support, BS
    BEDU Business Education, BSEd
    INT-ST-EXCHG International Student Exchange
    NAT-ST-EXCHG National Student Exchange
    NAT-ST-EXCHG National Student Exchange
    UG-UNCL Unclassified Undergraduate, ND
    VISITING In-Bound Visiting Student
    VOCAE-BSED-CE Vocational Technical Ed, BSEd
    VOCAE-NDCRTN Vocational Ext Certification
    Graduate Program Codes
    Program Program Description
    ACE-MA Adult and Community Education
    ACE-CMNT Adult and Community Ed/Comm Tech
    ALIB-GRAD American Lang Inst Bridge - GR
    AARC-MA Applied Archaeology, MA
    ART-MA Art, MA
    ART-MFA Art, MFA
    BIOL-MS Biology, MS
    CHEM-MS Chemistry, MS
    CHEM-MA Chemistry, MA
    CNSS-CMCN Community Counseling, MA
    CNSS-LICENSE Counseling Licensure
    COUN-MED School Counseling, MEd
    COUN-NDCRTN School Counseling Certification
    CMIT-PHD Communications Media and Instructional Technology
    CRIM-HH-MA Criminology, MA
    CRIM-LE-GCOR Crim/Law Enf Ldrsp/WMD, GCOR
    CRIM-HH-PHD Criminology, PhD
    EMBA MBA/Executive
    MBA Master in Business Admin
    LEVEL-2-CERT Level II Certification
    SPSY-DED-II School Psychology, DEd
    SPSY-DED-I School Psychology, DEd
    SPSY-CERT School Psych Specialist Cert
    EDPC-MED Educational Psychology, MEd
    SPSY-NDCRTN School Psychology Certification
    SPSY-DED-III School Psychology, DEd
    ENGL-MATE English/MATE, MA
    ENGL-LTCR-D English/Liter and Criticism, PhD
    ENGL-LITR-MA English/Literature, MA
    ENGL-GNLS-MA English/Generalist, MA
    ENGL-CTSL-D English/Composition and TESOL, PhD
    FDNT-MS Food and Nutrition, MS
    GEOG-RGPL Geography/Region Planning,  MS
    GEOG-CART Geography/Cartography, MS
    GEOG-MA Geography, MA
    GEOG-ENVP Geography/Environ Plan, MS
    GSR-SPST Graduate Special Status
    PRGW-MA Professional Growth, MA
    PRGW-MED Professional Growth, MEd
    PRGW-MS Professional Growth, MS
    GSR-OCO Graduate One Course Only
    HIST-MA History, MA
    SPSC-EXSC Sport Science/Exercise Sci, MS
    SPSC-AQMG Sport Science/Aquatic Mgmt, MS
    SPSC-SPST Sport Science/Sport Studie, MS
    SPSC-UNDC Sport Science/Undeclared
    HPED-MES Health and Physical Ed, MEd
    SPSC-SPMG Sport Science/Sports Mgmt, MS
    ILR-MA Industrial and Labor Relatns, MA
    HSAD-MS Health Services Admin
    ELMA-MED Elementary and Middle School Math, MEd
    MAED-MED Mathematics Education, MEd
    MATH-MS Applied Mathematics, MS
    MUSC-TCMP-MA Music/Theory and Composition, MA
    MUSC-EDUC-M Music Education, MA
    MUSC-PERF-MA Music/Performance, MA
    MUSC-HILT-MA Music/History-Literature, MA
    SDR Science of Disaster Response
    NRSG-PHD Nursing, PhD
    NURS-NUED Nursing/Education, MS
    NURS-CNS Nursing / Clinical Nurs Spec, MS
    NURS-ADMIN Nursing/Administration, MS
    PHYS-MS Physics, MS
    PHYS-MA Physics, MA
    PUAF-MA Public Affairs, MA
    ECED-MED Early Childhood Educ, MEd
    ELED-MED Elementary Education, MEd
    ELED-MED-2 Elementary Education, MEd
    LTCY-MED Literacy, MEd
    LTCY-NDCRTN Literacy Certification
    MEDU-MED Masters in Education, MEd
    PRIN-CERT-ED Principal Certification
    ALS-ED-DED Admin and Leadership Studies,DEd
    CURR-DED Curriculum and Instruction, DEd
    PSYC-MA Clinical Psychology, MA
    CNPC-PSYD Clinical Psychology, PsyD
    SAFE-SDR Safety Sciences/ Disast Resp,MS
    SAFE-SM-GCOR Safety Science, GCOR
    SAFE-SATC Safety Sciences/ Technical, MS
    SAFE-SAMG Safety Sciences/ Mgmt, MS
    SAHE-MA Student Affairs in High Ed, MA
    EDEX-MED Ed of Exceptional Persons, MEd
    EDEX-NDCRTN Special Educ Certification
    SPLP-MS Speech-Language Pathology, MS
    AUD-AUD Doctorate of Audiology
    ALS-HS-PHD Admin and Leadership Studies, PhD
    SOC-MA Sociology, MA
    BUWD-WRKF Business/Workforce Spec, MEd
    BUIT-MISM Information Tech/Mgmt Info Sys, MS
    BUIT-TSTM Information Tech/Tech Support Mgmt, MS
    BUWD-ADMN Business/Admin Spec. MEd
    BUWD-BUSN Business/Business Spec, MEd
    BUWD-UNDC Business Work Dev, Undeclared
    INT-GR-EXCHG International Graduate Student Exchange
    G-VISIT-INTL GR Visit Scholar-Intern Affair
    U-VISIT-INTL GR Visit Scholar-Intern Affair
    Minors Program Codes
    Program Program Description
    ACCT Accounting
    ANTH Anthropology
    APSR Applied Social Research
    APST Applied Statistics
    ARHI Art History
    ARST Art Studio
    ASIA Asian Studies
    BIOC Biochemistry
    BIOL Biology
    BADM Business Administration
    BTST Business Technology Support
    CHEM Chemistry
    CDFR Child and Family Studies
    COMM Communications Media
    COSC Computer Science
    CRIM Criminology
    DANC Dance
    DEAF Deaf Studies
    ECON Economics
    EDEX Ed of Exceptional Persons
    EDHR College of Ed and Educational Technology Honors Track
    EDPC Educational Psychology
    EDTC Educational Technology
    ENGL English
    ENFA Entrepreneurship for Fine Arts
    ENVH Environmental Health Science
    FIN Finance
    FRNC French
    GEOG Geography
    GEOL Geology
    GRMN German
    GERN Gerontology
    HIST History
    HMSV Human Services
    INAS Information Assurance
    ITST International Studies
    JRNL Journalism
    LAS Latin American Studies
    MGMT Management
    MIS Management Information Systems
    MKTG Marketing
    MATH Mathematics
    MUSC Music
    NUTN Nutrition
    PNAF Pan-African Studies
    PHIL Philosophy
    PHYS Physics
    PLSC Political Science
    PLAW Pre-Law Interdisciplinary Minor
    PCSC Psychological Science
    PSYC Psychology
    RGPL Regional Planning
    RLST Religious Studies
    SAFE Safety Sciences
    SOC Sociology
    SDSB Sociology of Disability Services
    SPAN Spanish
    SPEL Spanish for Elementary Teaching
    THTR Theater
    WMST Women's Studies