Student Presentations

  • Graduate Student Presentations, 2006–07

    Watt, Joshua – May, 2006

    The Efficacy of Police Training on Implicit Attitudes Toward African Americans: Does it Help?, American Psychological Society 18th Annual Convention, New York, NY.

    Brass, Jamie – August, 2006

    Becoming Bilingual: A Survey of Spanish Speaking Therapists, American Psychological Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.

    Kapadia, Malika – October, 2006

    Working with Asian International Students in the College Counseling Center, Association of Counseling Center Faculty’s Conference, State College, PA.

    Craley-Dubbs, Jenna – October, 2006

    A Case Study of Autistic Phenotype Found Comorbid With Dandy Walker Malformation, National Academy of Neuropsychology 2006 Conference, San Antonio, TX.

    LaLonde, Dennis – November, 2006

    The Effectiveness of an Alcohol Education Program for High Risk College Students, American Society of Criminology, Los Angeles, CA. 

    Wilkinson, Charity – November, 2006

    Unwanted Sex Versus Rape: The Impact of Language On Perceptions of Blame, Punishment and Reporting, International Society of Trauma And Stress Studies, Hollywood, CA.

    Seacrist-Miller, Jessica; Graves, Karen; Vrabel, Christopher; Ratcliff, Katie – April, 2007

    Identification with the Deceased Moderates Risks for Bereaved Children, Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC), Indianapolis, IN.

    Watt, Joshua – May, 2007

    A Test of Multiple Methods of Reducing Implicit Racial Basis in Shooting Decisions, Association for Psychological Science, 19th Annual Convention, Washington, DC. 

    DeRushia, Kimberlee – August, 2007

    Broadening the Academic Environment by Developing a Cultural Immersion Program, APA Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA. 

    Allen, Brian – November, 2007

    Childhood Psychological Maltreatment and Adult Aggression And Suicidality: A Mediational Analysis, 23rd International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD.