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      Dr.Raeff is on sabbatical this semester.

      How I Became Interested in Psychology

      This is one of those events that can be hard to pinpoint. I had considered clinical psychology, until I realized that there was a whole world of research out there. That’s when I really became interested in psychology.

      Areas of Interest

      For my areas of interest: For over 10 years, my research has focused on how both independence and interdependence are played out in children’s developmental experiences. This work culminated in a book, Always Separate, Always Connected: Independence and Interdependence in Cultural Contexts of Development (2006). I am now building on that work by exploring issues of freedom from a psychological perspective. In addition, I am completing a book about development that will soon be published by Oxford University Press, and I am working on ways to conceptualize “the whole person” that is applicable to Psychology more generally.

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      PhD, Clark University, Developmental Psychology

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      Lifespan Developmental Psychology, Child Psychology, Issues in Developmental Psychology, Practicum